Bye bye mum, hello dad

441476-how-i-met-your-dadWith How I Met Your Mother coming to an end after nine seasons, CBS are casting a pilot for their new comedy How I Met Your Dad.

Nick D’Agosto and Andrew Santino will join Greta Gerwig in the new comedy along side Drew Tarver and Krysta Rodriguez.

The show tells a “HIMYM”-esque story from a female point of view (Gerwig’s character of Sally). D’Agosto will play Frank, Juliet’s (Rodriguez) coworker who falls for Sally, while Santino will take the role of Danny, an uptight lawyer and Sally’s older brother. I seriously can’t see how this won’t get picked up.

Does anyone honestly believe this won’t get picked up?

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  • Jeseta

    it might not. the concept isn’t new anymore so if the cast doesn’t gel it could still be a no go.

    • roger

      I agree, the HIMYM crowd wont support it unless the cast gell.

  • I sense “FAIL” unfortunately. It’s like when they had the successful “That 70s Show” and tried “That 80s Show”.

  • Jas

    They could also make Trophy Husband, New Boy, Two Broke Guys etc etc