Can we get this here now please?

This bodes well for The X Factor UK.  If only it was available legally outside of the UK


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  • Harrison

    I’d love to watch it! Who would we want to see on the other half of the judges panel?

    • roger

      I thought it would be good to reunite the panel from the year that One Direction was formed – so Dannii Minogue and the old irish dude, but apparently Cheryl Cole has said she will only come back if she is the only female judge.

      • Harrison

        Here are the odds (from some sort of online betting site) on who could be the remaining judges/mentors.

        Sharon Osbourne 2/1
        Olly Murs 3/1
        Rita Ora 3/1
        Dannii Minogue 4/1
        Robbie Williams 5/1
        Emeli Sande 8/1
        Michael Buble 10/1
        Leona Lewis 10/1
        Kian Egan 12/1
        Ellie Goulding 12/1
        Bruno Mars 14/1
        Katy Perry 16/1
        Nicole Scherzinger 16/1
        Mark Owen 20/1
        Gary Barlow 20/1
        Shane Filan 25/1
        Jessie J 25/1
        James Blunt 25/1
        Britney Spears 25/1
        Any member of One Direction 25/1
        Tulisa Constavolos 50/1
        Noel Gallagher 50/1
        Lily Allen 100/1
        Sinitta 100/1

        • Clint

          Britney won’t ever do a show like that again after what happened last time (it’s not good for her health and she was too scared to say boo).

          • Harrison

            I didnt think she made a very good mentor, looking back at the style Bea Miller had on X Factor compared to what she looks like now.

          • Tania

            Britney didn’t mentor Bea, or any of her other acts, on her own though – she had another lady helping most of the time because she wasn’t able to do it as she’s heavily medicated and struggles to even get through her Las Vegas shows without some lip syncing and letting her dancers take over most of the performances. The other lady was shown a lot of the time – I don’t know her name – but she was pitched as the vocal coach.

          • roger

            I thought there must be something like that going on. She was very expensive for not providing much at all!

  • Trevor Ashman

    I wonder what version of X Factor we will be getting in NZ this year? still think TV3 should reconsider X Factor NZ for this year 🙂

  • Maggie

    Rumour has it that Khloe Kardashian will be joining the judging panel

    • Harrison

      That would never happen in a million years!

      • roger


      • Maggie
        • Harrison

          But remember with The X Factor, judges aren’t just judges. They are mentors too, which requires them to have some sort of ‘inside’ knowledge/work to do with the music industry. As far as I know, the most Khloe Kardashian has had to do with music is co-hosting a season of X Factor USA.

          • Maggie

            They (Kardashians) have a lot of contacts in the music industry. Khloe is rumoured to be dating (rapper) The Game and she has also hosted a radio show in the past. Add to that her soon-to-be brother-in-law’s influence on the industry and his contacts. Not that these are particularly high accolades for being a judge, but they would add to her pulling power – as would the suggestion that she is the most popular Kardashian and a certain demographic (who most likely watches this show) can’t seem to get enough of her family.

            Not all X Factor judges are huge superstars – Natalie B from X Factor Oz has had a couple of hits but isn’t that big a star.

            With Khloe, they could get around this by pairing her with someone who does know their stuff when it came to the acts rehearsing their performances each week.

            I know it’s a different format altogether, but the ‘Got Talent’ shows have had judges who are known more for their personalities than talent – e.g., Rachel Hunter, Piers Morgan, Howard Stern.

            Given that the X Factor probably only has another three-four seasons of life left in it, I wouldn’t be surprised if they change a few things here and there to make it go the distance.

          • roger

            This would be a disaster. Judges in the x factor are meant to mentor the contestants.

  • Jack

    Regan why can’t we get it here???