Core audience love The GC

If there is anything you can say about The GC, it’s that those who watch it appear to be pretty dedicated to it.  The second season, while it is down more than a third on the first, the numbers for the second season are reasonably consistent with each week delivering about the same, if not more viewers, than the previous week.  This week’s average audience was 186,700 viewers.

the-gc-ratings-2014-3While I’m sure TV3 would love the numbers to be as high as it was when it first screened, at least it’s rating higher than The Great Food Race.

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  • Looks like it’s on the right track! (I’m referring to cancellation of course)

    • bobscoffee


  • Ann Onymous

    I imagine the typical ‘fan’ of this show to be aged 15-25, female, hobbies include ‘doing stuff with my nails, tanning, going to the gym’, says “like” before every word, speaks in an up-and-down-tone, and displays narcissistic tendencies.

    • Name

      Wrong. Last season rated very strongly with Maori (both urban and rural) and men and women. Try reading the paper once in a while.

      • Mini Cooper

        I think that was meant to be a joke. Chill!

      • getridofthegc

        How do they measure ratings? People might just have their TV sets on and have this brain dead trash on in the background.

  • Greg Cruthers

    This show makes me think lower of TV3 and Mediaworks in general.

    • Name

      Have you actually watched it? Don’t let the packaging, hype, marketing and assumptions fool you.

  • Getridofthegc

    Just caught my partner watching this (I was in our bedroom listening to music and increasing my intelligence) we both agree that Rosie is ugly, dumb, superficial and clearly a gold digger, I wonder who paid for her disgusting fake breasts?

    This show is dumb, awkward, fake and a complete waste of time.