The Latest couple eliminated from Masterchef are...


Some people make for magical TV moments. Others, not so much.

Jenn Clark and Elizabeth Marshall became the eighth duo to leave the MasterChef New Zealand kitchen on Monday 10th March (7.30pm – 8.30pm) on TV ONE.

In last night’s episode the Top Eight were separated into two teams, led by Kasey and Karena Bird, and Bec Stanley and Jaimie Stodler respectively. Each team member was tasked with making one dish of a themed eight-course degustation menu.

Kasey and Karena’s team won the challenge with a Kiwi road trip–themed menu.

Earlier, Jenn had set the bar high with her trio tartare starter, earning praise from the MasterChef judges for her presentation and creativity.

With the pressure on, Elizabeth struggled to keep the momentum going, refusing help from her team mates when plating her prosciutto red tussock venison with vanilla butter, coffee foam and beetroot jus.

Nerves a-jangling, the 36-year-old snapped as the team offered feedback on the dish.

“Everyone’s gathering around, telling me what to do but this is my dish,” she growled.

“Yes, I need some help, but please don’t take over!”

Presenting her dish to the MasterChef judges for tasting, she was apologetic.

“My brain’s a bit scrambled at the moment, I’m sorry gentleman,” she explained.

Immediately noticing the beetroot jus was thin and watery, judges Simon Gault and Josh Emett were surprised to learn Elizabeth had used gelatine to thicken the sauce.

“This isn’t a jus,” declared Simon. “It’s just a flavourless, coloured liquid that hasn’t delivered.”

“I’m gutted for you,” he told a shattered Elizabeth.

Alongside Bec Stanley and Jaimie Stolder in the Bottom Two, the duos were offered a lifeline – a cook-off of the perfect whitebait fritter and aioli.

Both fish-averse, and with whitebait foreign to American-born Elizabeth, the ex-partners frantically plated up what they thought was a superior fritter, only to be told by the judges it was dry, and that they were going home.

Post-elimination and their relationship in tatters, Elizabeth turned on Jenn, accusing her of being more focused on friendships and having a good time in the MasterChef house, than the food.

It was the final straw for an emotional Jenn.

“It’s kind of like we came into this in a relationship, and now we’re at the breaking up point. Again.”

The remaining MasterChef NZ 2014 duos are: Shelley Robinson and Trudie Robinson – sisters, Tauranga; Glynn Rudolph and James Culleton – flatmates, Wellington; Jack Tan and Cerry Sim – MasterChefcontestants, Whakatane and Auckland; Kasey Bird and Karena Bird – sisters, Maketu; Nicola Shearer and Jordan Shearer – mother and daughter, Lower Hutt; Jaimie Stodler and Bec Stanley – friends, Queenstown; Verena Doolabh and Tanisha Kemp – sisters, Melbourne and Mt Maunganui.

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  • K

    What happened to the recaps that former contestant was doing?

    • Regan Cunliffe

      I , too, would like to know the answer to that question…

      • roger

        I would happily recap if that former contestant doesn’t want to

        • Regan Cunliffe

          email me and let’s talk: regan[at]

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  • Maggie

    On the upside – what a great experience for them, and they did well to get this far (as did anyone who actually made it onto TV).

    I don’t watch Masterchef, but from what’s been described above, it sounded stressful!

  • Jeseta

    Love the description of Jack and Cerry in the last paragraph ‘Masterchef contestants’ !