Masterchef Recap: Sunday 30 March

My super scientific Masterchef rankings:

6 (down from 5):  Trudie and Shelley (Teal aprons) hit the bottom in the rankings this week.  I know they won the burger challenge last week, but I still see them as the least likely to win this competition.

5 (down from 3):  Sadly, Nikki and Jordan (Dark Blue aprons) continue to drop in my rankings.  Of any team who could storm back into the top three, I would bet on these two however.

4 (up from 6):  Jaimie and Bec (Purple aprons) work well as a team.  They seem to cook well.  Will they win? I just don’t think so.

3 (up from 4):  Glynn and James (Light blue aprons) continue to surprise.  They are now the dark horses in this competition, and believe they can make it.  Their defense mechanism seems to be humour, but they need to take themselves seriously if they want to stay.

2 (down from 1):  Karena and Kasey (Pink aprons) slip one place to second in my rankings.  I would still place good money on them getting to the final.

1 (up from 2):  Tanisha and Venera (Green Aprons) have been the most consistent in the last two or three challenges, so they rise to the top. 

On with the show:

Tonight we are in Samoa and the contestants are creating marinated fish salad.

The first 15 minutes before the first ad break had a bunch of filler that I am not going to bother recapping.  Just assume they were stoked to be in Samoa, and so on.

Tonight we are also down to two judges – no Ray Vinnie.  He mustn’t have got his passport ready in time, or maybe they couldn’t afford to bring him along.

Tonight’s challenge is on the beach and it is a pretty idyllic backdrop.  The contestants have to scrape their own coconuts tonight but a half naked Samoan will do the husking of the coconut for them!  They have one hour to make a traditional oka (marinated fish salad).

Tanisha and Venera have made South American civiche before, so they are confident that they can make oka, which is the Samoan version.  They are using crushed papaya seeds in their dish, which is an interesting addition (adding a mustard flavour).  Simon gives them the death stare as he chews their food but thinks their dish is a winner.  They both agree it is delicious and Josh calls it absolutely outstanding.

Karena and Kasey are thinking of how to make their dish a little bit better than everyone else’s – everyone is making good dishes now, so its time to make great dishes.  They are struggling to come up with their inspiration for the dish, they actually seem less focused today than in other weeks. They aren’t feeling confident about their presentation but hopefully it tastes good.  Simon can tell they aren’t bringing their ‘A’ game.  I am not sure what it is tonight, they just seem like they are off.  I hope it isn’t cockiness coming through.  Luckily, Josh thinks the flavour is nice but it is missing something.  Simon says it needs more oomph.

Glynn and James have made raw fish dishes before, so they are feeling like this is a challenge that they could win.  The boys are using a big hit of chili in their dish, and they are also adding cucumber to chill the mouth.  As soon as the challenge finishes, the boys run into the ocean!  Good plan boys.  Simon thinks they needed more salt, while Josh thinks it needs more lime juice and papaya.

Jaimie and Bec have made raw fish salad before, but as they say, everyone likes it different, so its hard to know if they will get the flavours right.  They are also thinking of their extra 5%, and their idea is to add the little pieces of island lemon.  They are plating their dish in half of a coconut.  Josh loves their dish, especially the island lemon.  Simon said it is the best-marinated fish he has tasted all day.

Nikki and Jordan seem on top of this challenge and quickly scrape out their coconuts.  They are making two versions of the dish so they can serve their best.  Smart thinking.  They have figured out that the judges don’t want the dish served in a regular bowl, so they are trying to figure out how to serve it.  Simon says that their dish needed more punch.  He says they need to ask the question “Have we delivered on flavour?”

Trudie and Shelley haven’t had much screen time tonight. They have decided that their extra 5% is a salsa to cleanse the pallet afterwards.  They too are confident with making marinated fish dishes.  Josh is happy with their dish and thinks their flavour combinations are great.  He says they are moving straight to the top of the class.  My rankings might be very wrong tonight!

After the judging it sounds like Nikki and Jordan or the boys will be heading home.

Dish of the day is awarded to Jaimie and Bec! Tanisha and Verena, Trudie and Shelley and Karena and Kasey hear positive comments.

The bottom two tonight is Glynn and James and Nikki and Jordan.  They are lucky because this week’s elimination is based on the cumulative results of both challenges.  That means no one is heading home tonight.

Quote of the night is from Simon – “Here’s someone who has had some experience cracking those nuts.”

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  • thegirlstefan

    most impressive was Josh wearing a long-sleeved shirt and long black pants on the beach without seeming to drop a bead of sweat