Morning Briefing: 26 March 2014

How I Met Your Dad suffers first casting casualty

Krysta Rodriguez, who was to play one of the leads in the CBS spin off of How I Met Your Mother is leaving the pilot.  Rodriguez was to play Sally’s best friend Juliet, a sexy, flamboyant force of nature who runs the most successful fashion blog in the country but the character underwent changes after the table read.

Vikings to return for a third season

Midway through its second season run, History’s period drama Vikings has been renewed for a third season and will return again in 2015.

Damian Lewis joins new spy thriller

In a game where it can be easy to be pigeon-holed as a one dimensional character who can only play a certain type of person, Damian Lewis has decided to join the cast of a new spy thriller Our Kind of Traitor.  Perhaps he just really enjoyed his role on Homeland.

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