Morning Briefing: 6 March 2014

NBC pull the pin on Conception

The supernatural mystery series Conception has been passed on by NBC.  Additional scripts had been ordered for the drama but it appears as though Heroes: Reborn won out over the two similar series.

HBO pulls the pin on The Money

The project about wealth and corruption among the super elite, in particular James Castman, has been shelved by HBO.  It would have been writer David Milch’s fifth consecutive pilot for the cable network.

AMC pull pin on Sci-Fi pilot

Another show not being progressed is AMC’s foray into Sci-Fi with Line of Sight being put on hold.  The show was to center on a National Transportation Safety Board investigator who survived a mysterious plane crash, bringing him on an emotionally disorienting quest to discover the accident’s cause.

AMC set date for Halt and Catch Fire

The 10 episode drama series about the rise of the PC era, Halt and Catch Fire will debut in the US on June 1.  The series captures the rise of the personal computer in the early 1980s, during which an unlikely trio – a visionary, an engineer and a prodigy – take personal and professional risks in the race to build a computer that will change the world as they know it.

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  • Maggie

    TVNZ news item on Tamati Coffey just now: They said if he fails in his bid to become a Labour MP “then he can forget about coming back to a similar role [that he previously held] at TVNZ”. I don’t understand this. What’s the big deal – he’s not actively employed by TVNZ now, and he made his bid only after leaving TVNZ (if I’m correct on both points) – so it’s not another Shane Taurima situation here.

    It’s like saying ‘if you apply for a job with another company and don’t get it then you forget about working here’. A bit OTT, in my view.

    • Jeseta

      I was very interested to see the One news piece on that! Considering he hasn’t approached them to come back I don’t see any reason for them to mention that he wouldn’t be offered a role, especially not with language like ”He can forget about it’.

      They would need to have a very strict definition about what level of personal politics is too much here, can you speak openly in public about which party you support? If a gossiper decides to ‘out’ someone as a supporter of one party or another is that your fault? Very shaky territory.

      • Maggie

        That piece was just a bit strange, I thought. They seem to be intent on making examples of people who are doing things that are less of a deal than people before them … the whole thing’s a bit odd.

        Politics are a bit like religion – both highly contentious issues. Does that mean that if a presenter expressed an interest in going for a role within a Church, they would be told the same thing?

        I don’t know Tamati, but he strikes me as a genuinely nice guy who was one of the best presenters TVNZ had. Whether he was reporting on weather or talent, he always seemed upbeat, really likeable and relatable, and injected a much-needed burst of fresh air into TV programming. It seems strange for them to close the door on him like that.

      • roger

        Paul Henry ran for National in the past didn’t he? And they still employed him.

  • Maggie

    Please keep us updated on whether ‘Betrayal’ gets confirmed for a second season. I love that show! (Someone on here a week or so ago said it had been canned, but that’s not the case … it’s just been suggested that it ‘might not’ return to ABC’s Sunday night line-up). Thanks! 🙂

    • Dave

      ABC won’t confirm the future of Betrayal and many of its other shows until May, but the poor US ratings don’t really give it a great chance of renewal.

    • Sam

      It’s been moved to 10.40 Sundays after Rake from March 16 here, due to terrible ratings.

      • Maggie

        Oh really? Gee, that’s too bad. I think it’s better than ‘Revenge’ which was great in its first series but just a bit weird from S2 onwards. I think it offers the same sort of twists and turns though, and the cast is stellar.

  • Maggie

    Does anyone else think that Juliette Sivetson (sp?), newsreader on Newstalk ZB, sounds exactly like Pippa Wetzell? Even her laugh is the same – it’s uncanny!

  • Jack

    I know its a British channel but can we get people to save BBC three:

    • Danny TV Professional

      Very sad news. Very much the crucible of comedy talent in the UK. List of well-known shows originating there is endless. With a potential switch to online only it is yet again a victim of the lazy assumptions being made (in NZ as well) about how people watch TV (i.e. still just 1.5% watching online or on mobile devices, 85% watch live, 98.5% still watch on a TV screen and those figures are holding fast).

      • Jas

        I go along with online is not going to be the dominant viewing mechanism as some think it will be, but those figures would be a bit misleading as no doubt they are only for people watching legimately not downloaders and such like

      • Drew Horan

        Yes very sad news indeed and we just hope the BBC Trust blocks this stupid move.

    • tank