Ratings: Fewer viewers watching 7pm current affairs than last year.

I’m going to go a little further with our weekly look at Campbell Live and Seven Sharp today and check how both shows are doing overall year on year.  Firstly though, last week.

Seven Sharp took its first backward step for the year, dropping 6% on the previous week to just shy of 400,000 with an average audience of 399,366 viewers per night.  It was, however, still ip 13% on 2013.

Campbell Live managed a 1% lift on the previous week, up to an average audience of 211,048 viewers per night.  TV3’s nightly current affairs program is still really suffering though, down a staggering 41% on 2013.


The year on year figures show that overall, Seven Sharp is enjoying average audiences that are 12% higher so far compared to the same period in 2013 while Campbell Live has lost 22% of their audience.

Interestingly though, while it is a net gain at 7pm for Seven Sharp of 41,279 viewers per night, Campbell Live’s net loss of 61,031 viewers means that overall, 19,752 people, on average, are not watching current affairs at 7pm on either channel compared to the same period as last year.

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  • brookehs

    Hey buddy, are you able to look at a week in 2012 and compare total viewing numbers to now… I suspect they are way down but could be wrong…

    • Regan Cunliffe

      Yes, I can but I can tell you without looking that your assumption is correct