Ratings: Masterchef vs The Great Food Race

The Great Food RaceBoth Masterchef and The Great Food Race were down on Sunday night but it was still Masterchef New Zealand that was way out in front with an average audience of 436,050 compared to 158,020 for The Great Food Race.

With the season average for The Great Food Race only being 157,910 viewers per episode, you have to give it to TV3 for sticking to their guns and leaving it where it is on Sunday nights.

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  • Glenn_D

    you can call it that … or the fact that perhaps the creator of the show also happens to be on the board of directors for TV3?

  • Ann Onymous

    Someone was on here the other night promoting it, and saying how good it was and their enthusiasm (or sales pitch – do they work for 3?) led me to go and watch it On Demand, which I don’t normally do. I admit I was impressed – I’m going to go back and find the earlier episodes to watch too, so it makes a bit more sense. I’m bored with the format of Masterchef and don’t like the contestants or judges.