Ratings: The Paul Henry Show week 8

The Paul Henry Show suffered a 17% drop in audience this week with the average audience falling to 99,124 viewers per night for TV3’s late current affairs program while Tonight had a 12% increase in numbers.  TV One’s evening news program was up to 144,626 viewers per night.


Year on year, TPHS was down 4% on the same period as Nightline in 2013.

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  • Do these figures take into account people who record the Paul Henry Show? I have my MySky series-linked for it.

    • Regan Cunliffe

      No, I can take a look at the time shifted data though as that could be interesting as well and post it later

    • Jas

      They don’t but if they are primarily used by advertiser then anything other than ‘LIVE’ can’t have too many different meanings

  • roger

    I wish it was on a little earlier. 10.30pm is so late. I would way rather watch Paul Henry at 7pm. I know he would have to watch himself a bit more but still.

    • Clint

      Yeah, same here.

  • Clint

    Has anyone got this week’s Woman’s Day? I saw the cover at the checkout this morning and it’s suggesting – with photographic evidence – that Paul is dating Rebecca Wright.

    • K

      Rachel Glucina posted a copy of the article to her Twitter page. WD love beating up a story- sounds like they are just good friends

    • Regan Cunliffe

      I met Rebecca Wright and her boyfriend at the Auckland Nines so unless something has changed in the last 5 weeks, I’d suggest they’re just MSU again.

    • Maggie

      I’m pretty sure Paul’s partner is still a lady named Lynley / Linley, who looks very much like Rebecca Wright.

  • Maggie

    I just read on The Paul Henry Show’s Twitter feed that someone won a trip to Rarotonga!!! Wow – lucky, lucky, lucky. They must’ve just had the one car to give away then?