Telecom ditch ShowMeTV

show-me-tv-logoOnly weeks after announcing the new streaming content service, Telecom have decided to find another name after two other companies claimed trademark issues.

Telecom says it will ditch the name of its soon-to-launch internet television service, ShowmeTV, after two companies with similar brand names raised concerns with the telecommunications giant.

Last month the directors of Show TV, a direct-to-consumer advertiser, and ShowMe, an online retailer, said customer confusion resulting from the launch of ShowmeTV would have “massive implications” on the growth of their businesses.

Simon Hoegsbro, of Telecom Digital Ventures, said Telecom had been aware of the existence of the companies and had followed appropriate trademarking processes.

“While we believe we had the ability to continue with the ShowmeTV brand under the relevant trademark categories, we accept that Show Television and Show Me had some legitimate concerns given their own business,” Hoegsbro said.

“Taking everything into account, and given that we have not yet made any marketing investment in this brand, we didn’t think having a prolonged dispute about the name was in anyone’s interest.”

One can only imagine there is another similar news item not too far away about Telecom’s rebranding to Spark.

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  • Anthony

    Name sucked anyway! Good job!

  • GlennD

    wow, all going great so far