TVNZ sheds some light on why Short Poppies is screening on Netflix first

short-poppiesTVNZ have provided some insight as to why Rhys Darby’s new comedy Short Poppies is heading to Netflix before it is screening in New Zealand.

TVNZ originally looked at scheduling Short Poppies for TV ONE in late 2013 and the producers lined up a deal for the show to go on Netflix in 2014 based on that understanding.

We then made a call to hold on to the series until this year so we could play it together with our other comedy commissions Agent Anna and Coverband to create a strong strand of local comedy for TV ONE this year – but by that point the producers had closed their deal with Netflix.

This makes a lot more sense now.  Considering the show was allocated funding in 2012, this is quite the delay which has ultimately had a negative result for kiwi viewers.

We’ve asked TVNZ if they will deliver the series via ondemand prior to broadcast in light of the current situation.

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  • Preston

    Hopefully this does not cause riots in the streets over netflix users being able to watch the show first. If you’re a TV fan you should have netflix anyway, it’s great and not expensive.

    • Jas

      Why would people riot it is only a TV programme.
      I suppose you think people should have BBC iplayer too? Even though it is funded by UK taxpayers for UK citizens only.

      • Preston

        I was being sarcastic obviously about the riots. And I wasn’t talking about BBC iplayer I was talking about netflix which is a service run by a company funded by a small subscription fee which you pay for yourself, using an NZ credit card. They are happy to take your money and provide the service.