Video: Which news desk did the right thing?

There was an earthquake in Los Angeles today.  Here are two videos from two different news networks.  Contrast and compare their on air responses.


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  • Jeseta

    You know I can’t really fault people for panicking, ever since the chch earthquake everytime I feel something here in the wgtn region I panic a bit too!

  • Maggie

    I can’t get the second one to play, but –
    The first one was definitely right – the stupid woman should’ve shut up but the guy remained calm and showed people what to do – climb under something strong (the desk in this instance).

  • p.b.nightline

    id have to say the first one did the right thing, the look on his face was pricelesss thoe couldnt hold in my laugh, as for the 2nd clip are they thick get under the desk and show your viewers what to do not what not to do clowns