Video: The Simpsons pay tribute to Edna

The actress who voiced The Simpson character Edna Krabappel in more than 175 episodes of the animated series, Marcia Wallace, was given a send off this week with a special tribute on the show. Wallace, who died in October, won an Emmy for her role.

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  • P.b.nightline

    Didn’t know whr to comment so I’m doing it here..
    I have noticed that the block sky high is screening on tv 3 now in the afternoons before the Simpsons… First of all are tv3 that stupid to not put the block on a. In prime time and b. they could have had it as thr news lead in since it kan get to over 300,000 thousand viewers ( ok not every night ) but u hopefully get my point that it fair outrages the Simpsons and can even outrate the food race which seems to remain in prime time just plain thick at tv 3 lol what next? All new target Tuesday mornings at 9?! Tv3 needs a massive cleansing of shit staff with old ideas…….

    • P.b.nightline

      Far outrates I meant lol blame autocorrect

    • Jeseta

      Can’t explain that sorry! – but remember you can always put general comments on the TV Talk page 🙂

    • Maggie

      @p.b.nightline – they’ve done that to get a decent lead-into the 6pm news … The Block, followed by The Simpsons – both high raters – then the news.
      They’ll be relying on a lot of people using the +1 channel to watch it, no doubt.