Are you angry about Sky increasing their subscription fees again?

The basic package price is about to increase again for Sky Subscribers. The New Zealand Herald has asked me to find a Sky subscriber who isn’t happy about this and would like to make a comment for tomorrow’s paper. If you’d like to let your feelings be known, please contact me ASAP.

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  • Stuffy.

    “The New Zealand Herald asked me to do their job for them”

    • Regan Cunliffe

      Perhaps they’ve learnt their lesson from all the Green Party plants they’ve used as interview fodder in the past

  • I hope it gets mentioned that SKY Go is a massive disappointment and is severely lacking content and the ability to use it on whatever device you want. There will be a charge in there somewhere for the bloody thing, but it needs to drastically improve before it’s remotely worth the price added to the subscription fees

  • Dave

    NO, don’t need sky, don’t want sky. Why would anyone pay for more terrible TV when we can watch a number of channels, or go for a walk, play cards, enjoy a book, or surf the net for a while. Another Dim story for the Dim repeaters at the Horrid

    • Anon

      The Horrid? Love it!! It really is NZ’s version of the Daily Fail, isn’t it?

  • Shoreboy57

    Another example of NZH having lost any shread of journalistic skill

  • toby_toby

    I’m fairly annoyed about Sky increases its fees, but I’m not interested in having my name in the Herald as a moaner (especially as I work in television)… so I’ll do it anonymously.
    Sky keeps raising its fees without any real improvement in the quality of what they’re showing. I don’t have MySky because I’m not interested in paying more on top of an already costly subscription. If MySky was part of the basic deal, I’d be fine with a small increase.

  • Ana

    Really? They normally just go to the Trade Me messageboard and lay their bait there. I think SKY is a waste of money. If my partner didn’t love it for the sport we would have canned it by now. We pay extra for the movies which are just crap but we keep on hanging on in case they improve. The CI and Living channels, which we both used to love, just replay old stuff over and over again. It’s so tediously boring.

  • rantykiwi

    I too will be anonymous. But over the years the pricks at Sky have increased prices way beyond the CPI with the excuse “we now provide more channels”. I didn’t want those “more channels” – leave my price the same and keep the crap that nobody watches (like Vibe, the BOX, E!, JONES!, Shopping channel, YESSHOP, MTV, TVSN, Cartoons, Disney, Nickleodeon or Nick Jr). Whilst you’re at it, stop cross subsidising all the ethnic minority transponders with the revenue from the subscribers who don’t want the content. If you charge the people who want the above crap the actual cost of providing it the basic and sports packages should end up at under $40/month total. And you can keep the advertisements that were never a part of the original Sky “advert free” pay television too.

    Now that unlimited broadband and fibre plans are available my days as a Sky subscriber afre numbered – shortly I’ll grab all the content I want from the Internet. And if there are geolocation issues in streaming some of said content I’ll get a co-operative together to fund whatever proxies are necessary to make the content available in NZ.

    • Jas

      The channels you are talking about cost SKY next to nothing to get so taking them out of Basic isn’t going to make much of a difference. The cost of content to SKY is sports rights, movie rights and SOHO rights, If SKY actually charge sports out at what it costs I think you would find that sports is a lot more than $27 a month

      • toby_toby

        Those channels may cost Sky next to nothing, but the Basic package cost to subscribers is going up all the same. That doesn’t compute.

  • toby_toby

    Surprise of surprises, I had a call just now from a Sky saleswoman wanting to make me a deal on a MySky box. It’s not the first time I’ve had this offer (so it’s not really a surprise, I was being sarcastic) and I always turn it down.
    The offer was that they’ll waive the usual $99 installation fee. It would be a 1 year contract; the first 6 months for free and the other 6 months would be $15 per month. I explained that Sky basic + Sport already costs me $70 a month and I wasn’t interested in a further $15 charge. I mean, what do I get for $15? The ability to record a programme? Whoop-de-doo. I was surprised to hear that there was even an installation fee. What installation? Swap one receiver for another at $99? No thanks.
    Sky just isn’t good value for money. Unfortunately there’s no other means to get the sports stuff I want.

    • Regan Cunliffe

      What sport stuff do you want?

      • toby_toby

        Rugby for myself, flatmate likes rugby, league, F1 and assorted other guff. Rugby I could always view by mischevious means, but I’d prefer to see it live.

        Speaking of sports rip-offs, we subbed to the Rugby Channel during the World Cup, thinking there’d be additional coverage and analysis on that channel to distinguish it from the regular sport package. Turned out to be a waste of money. Unsubbed straight after RWC.

    • Ana

      We were “selected as special customers” to receive Rialto for a whole month for – wait for it – 50% off the regular price! Wowser. I asked the guy why we couldn’t have it for free for a whole month if we’re that special, and he couldn’t tell me.

      The only positive thing I have to say about Sky is, their technicians are lovely. We’ve had a few come by in the 10 years we’ve been with Sky and have never had a problem with them. They’ve come for various reasons but we’ve never paid a cent as the problems we’ve reported have always been the fault of the box. I asked them once if they would mind helping me tune a second TV and they said that was fine; again, no charge. Awesome service.

      • Jas

        Rialto is actually a seperate entity to SKY and SKY host their channel. I doubt the owners of the rialto channel would want everyone to get it for free