C4 to end, but not for The Edge

Mediaworks have provided a statement in regards to questions as to whether or not The Edge’s new TV channel will be replacing C4. In short, not exactly.

C4 will be coming to an end in the next few months as part of a rejig.  We’ll have more announcements/details in the coming weeks.

Watch this space then.

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  • Leo

    This frickennn SUXXX!!!

  • Kyle Wadsworth

    Yeah this sucks. I’ve really enjoyed C4 going back to it’s roots. NZ TV just isn’t cool

  • Clint

    I thought C4 had gone ages ago – was replaced by FOUR – but then it popped up again … no great loss; Juice does the same thing.

    • Blair

      No C4 never disappeared it just was unavailable to Sky viewers for a while. MW had for a while a second C4 channel called C4-2 which played Alternative music around the clock as well as C4, this was only on Freeview channel 9. Then the original C4 became FOUR and C4-2 became C4 and for a while only available to Freeview viewers but later was made available to Sky viewers as well.

      • Harrison

        I thought C42 was 100% NZ music?

  • Shamus

    What the hell. The edge is a crap radio station! Please bring back C4.

  • rach

    I agree bring back c4. We pay through the nose for these freeview boxes. We deserve variety.