Those were the Days of our Lives

days-of-our-livesChoice TV have announced that today’s episode of Days of our Lives marked the end of their initial run with the series.

Today’s episode of The Days of our Lives is our final for now. When we purchased the series we took a year’s worth of episodes and these have now run out. We need to evaluate how the series has worked for us and hope to have more news at a later date but just wanted to let you all know……

Would you like to see the show back?

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  • Tania

    Yes I would, but I don’t watch it everyday … it was nice knowing it was there if I did want to watch it though. I wish Choice would reinstate “Brunch” – “Good Morning” needs some competition.

  • Amber

    I watch it daily as I ‘my sky’ it and love keeping in with whats’ been happening – I have been watching DOOL’s since I was 4 years old and it is a staple go to for entertainment and it really has got juicier and more interesting – I was gutted when NZ took it off air couple of years ago and thrilled to find it on 026 SKY. I would be sooooo sad to not have access to it anymore …. plead plead!!! xxx :o)

  • linda

    I am really missing DOOL this week! Would love to see it back again, even if it were only shown omnibus-style on sundays without the weekday screenings also. (Or vice versa)

  • Kirstin Miller

    Gutted! Had only recently discovered it was back and now its gone?! Please bring it back

  • Holly

    Please,Please,Please Choice TV bring DOOL back ASAP…I was quite upset when TVNZ took both Y&R and DOOL off and completely elated when I found out Choice TV will bring at least DOOl back…it isn’t fair on us fans to let us hang like that in the middle of an interesting story line..don’t throw us a bone for a year and then for no reason take it away again :(…Why oh why…sigh.

  • Michelle Manaia

    Yes I enjoy watching days of our lives

  • carol

    Oh hell damn shame really, try to get it bak guys lol I no its pretty predictable and lame sometimes but can b addictable anyway try an get it bak plz cheers carol

  • Nancy

    Aww man. Bring it back…pretty please!!!

  • Jane

    Please, please, please bring back DOOL!! People underestimate this soap whose writers are intelligent and humorous, they’re always making reference to important literature etc. and thanks to Stefano Di Mera I’ve been introduced to some wondeful opera and there’s the free therapy provided by Dr Marlena. I’m addicted to DOOL and if they don’t bring it back to us permanently I’m going to emigrate to the States!

    • Telly Watcher

      @disqus_xKqetRZIbE:disqus – I don’t know if one already exists, but if not … maybe you could set up a ‘Bring Back Days of Our Lives to Prime TV’ Facebook page, and contact the press (email the Herald, or Stuff’s, tip line), to promote it. You could also plead with Prime via their Facebook page? I don’t know if this will work or not but I know someone who kept badgering Jones about screening Hart to Hart and Fantasy Island, and that paid off for them.

      • Jane

        Thanks for the advice Telly Watcher, I will do as much nagging as I can.
        Choice TV must surely realise how popular DOOL is, they said they were inundated by panic-stricken fans wanting to know why DOOL had disappeared the last time they took it off for the school hols. I don’t think anyone would be bothered if they discontinued one of their other programmes. Seems like a ‘no-brainer’ to me.

  • sally

    C’mon Choice- Bring it back!!! It may be a silly soap opera but I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amanda

    I really loved having dool back, hope to see it again, just got back into the story line again & its gone again 🙁

  • Dool fan from way back

    Please please bring it back! My mum & I enjoy watching the omnibus together on a Sunday (I can’t always watch it weekdays) & the storyline was just starting to get good again!

  • Lee Lee

    I’d love to see DOOL back on tv… Loved the omnibus on Sundays… Please please please bring it back…I grew up with this, Young and the Restless and Bold and the Beautiful…

  • bec

    I vote to bring it back too!!!

  • Belinda

    Please bring back Days of our Lives- I thought it must just be off for the school holidays but alas no!!!!! Please bring if back, many people miss it.

  • Guest

    Please bring days of our lives back I miss it.

  • Angela

    Please bring days of our lives back I miss watching it.