Hosking vs Henry

hoskingvshenryToni Street mentioned on Friday’s Seven Sharp a Fight 4 Life she would love to see happen –
Mike Hosking and Paul Henry. Hosking’s reply was about what you’d expect:
“I’d deck Paul Henry…big fat Paul Henry…he’d be puffing getting up off the stool”

It would be interesting that’s for sure! Who do you prefer on screen & why – Hosking or Henry?

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  • Henry

    • Sally

      ^ but y tho

      • Interesting question.

        Intangible, for sure.

  • Jeseta

    They’re both repulsive but at least Paul Henry is aware of it.

  • roger

    Paul Henry for same reasons as Jeseta

  • Jason

    Could be interesting. I’d imagine they’re the sorts to just both show up with their lawyers and have them duke it out!

  • Seven Sharp Sucks

    Paul Henry, because his night show is awesome and his thoughts on Seven Sharp last year were funny, and I agree because I like Campbell Live better than Seven Sharp http://www.radiolive.co.nz/Paul-Henry-shares-his-thoughts-on-TVNZs-current-affairs-show-Seven-Sharp/tabid/506/articleID/39679/Default.aspx . This is the link of Paul Henry’s thoughts of Seven Sharp. It’s funny

    • Ana

      It wasn’t that funny

  • Hosking is weird

    Paul because Mike is weird