The Marshall Experiment appears to be over

The day after the Zoe Marshall hosted The Great Food Race on TV3 sunk to its lowest ratings yet, her husband, Benji Marshall, has decided his switch to Rugby Union wasn’t working out and plans to return to Sydney to pursue a position with an NRL club.

In a statement made this evening, the Blues and New Zealand Rugby confirmed they have received a request from Marshall to be released early from his contract.

“All parties are currently in discussions regarding this request and need to work through a formal process before making any further comment.”

Marshall’s manager, Martin Tauber, has been instructed to open talks with NRL clubs.

This leaves question marks over the future of Zoe’s New Zealand TV and radio career.  Zoe joined ZM’s afternoon radio show less than three months ago and has been hosting the dismally rating Great Food Race.  It is unlikely that TGFR would get another season but in the event that it did, based on the current situation, there would need to be a new host.

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  • Tania

    Someone named “Guest” suggested last night that Matt Gibb would be a good host for The Great Food Race, should it return. I definitely second that! He’s hosting Good Morning today and is incredibly awesome (I actually think he’s better than Jeanette) – he’s certainly a talent that TVNZ needs to look after.

    I’m confused over what they tried to do with Zoe – they pumped her up in the press before she came, saying how incredibly popular and what an ‘it girl’ she was in Sydney, but then she arrived and just blended in as people do. She’s an okay host on TV and radio, but there have definitely been better – she’s not as amazing as the hype led me to believe though.

  • P.b.nightline

    I hope Zoe stays she really is a beautiful person all round and I enjoy her hope she gets used a lot more she would actually be a better host for the block nz or the next series of target coz she is a fresh face just hope tv3 don’t lose her

    • Tania

      She seems nice on TGFR and is very entertaining on ZM (brings a little more to the show than Jacqui did, although I’m not saying that Jacqui wasn’t good too – she was just different). Must be an awful predicament for them to be in. I’m pretty sure they bought a house too, so were definitely in it for the long haul. Couldn’t he just get a job with the Warriors?