Masterchef New Zealand: Sunday 13 April

My super scientific Masterchef rankings:

1st: Tanisha and Verena

2nd: Karina and Kasey

3rd equal: Jaimie and Bec and Nikki and Jordan

Tonight the remaining four duos tackle an Asian cuisine challenge at Club Med in Bali.  Jordan’s specialty is Asian cuisine so perhaps she will be at an advantage.

On with the show:

From the preview it seems like we are going to hear Josh speak a bunch of Balinese/Indonesian.  It always comes off as forced/scripted when they make the judges do that.

We get to see the contestants traveling to, and settling into Bali. Club Med looks pretty epic!  You could stay there for $1500 for 7 days.  Yowser.

The duos are served four dishes: Korean, Chinese, Balinese (Indonesian) and Japanese.  They have clicked that these could be dishes they have to recreate in a challenge.

In today’s challenge, the contestants will cook one of four Asian cuisines.  To decide who will cook which cuisine, the duos are taking part in a “Hunger games” challenge.  They have to use their archery skills to hit one of four numbers on the board.  After each team has scored a number, they find out the cuisine they have won.

They get a basic recipe for their dish, but they will not have the measurements.  They need to rely on their taste buds.  As usual, they have one hour to create their dishes.

Tonight we also have no Ray McVinnie.  He seems to only take part in the show once every three or four episodes.  The producers must have told the judges to get their yell on, because they are going a bit overboard with their growling and stressing today.  The contestants are very patient with them.  If the judges were speaking to me like that I would tell them to go away with some very strong language!

Tanisha and Verena are cooking Japanese.  They haven’t cooked many Japanese dishes before or been to Japan.  They begin by cooking the sushi rice and preparing the tuna.   The girls feel like they are behind in their preparation and feel in a bit of a fluster.  Josh is very angry at the messiness of their kitchen area, but as the girls say, they do have to focus on their dishes as well as tidying.  All of their garnishes were ready but unfortunately none of them made it onto the plate.  They made a Japanese tasting platter (like a bento box).  Josh thinks it should have been presented differently, and Simon has found dirt in his bok choy.  That is a disaster at this stage of the competition.  Could my top ranked team go home?  Simon enjoyed most of the dish but finds the bok choy disappointing.  Josh isn’t a fan of the teriyaki chicken, and the judges, in general, are not happy.

Karina and Kasey are cooking Korean.  Karina and Kasey have cooked rice 4 times in their whole life.  Karina explains that their mum makes most of the rice in their household, but she does so in the microwave.  These girls crack me up.  Luckily Verena also has to make rise so Karina is copying her.  Their dishes are BBQ beef and kimchi.  Karina explains that when she went to Korea she mainly ate 2 minute noodles.  Josh is happy with their dishes and Simon loves their kimchi and the other dish, which I can’t pronounce, let alone type.

Jaimie and Bec are cooking Chinese.  These girls are very focused on making the top three.  Bec ate some of their raw pork to check the tasting.  This impresses Simon!  She really does want to win!  Jaimie is finding it hard to get the wonton wrappers working for her dumplings.  Josh is annoying the girls (and me) with his criticisms about the dumpling shapes.  He is going a bit overboard to be all Gordon Ramsey.  With one minute to go they have decided to replate.  Talk about stressing themselves out.  The girls have served stir-fry beef, prawn and pork dumpling and pork wontons.  Simon thinks the wontons are some of the best that he has ever tasted, while Josh thinks the stir-fry is a bit too oily.

Nikki and Jordan are cooking Indonesian.  They are cooking nasi goreng, a hot chili sambal and satay.  They are at an advantage because all of the duos researched Balinese cooking when they found out they were traveling to Bali.  Nikki is flustered so Jordan is taking on the head chef role.  Nikki is struggling with the blender, and really, she is just struggling in general.  They aren’t working like a team today.  I think of all the contestants, Nikki would have to be the weakest link.  She is a great cook when she can calmly create a dish of her choice, but a mess when put into a stressful situation.   Oh no! They realized they have to cook their prawn chips – with two minutes to go!  Simon thinks the rice is a bit too wet, because the wok wasn’t hot enough.  Josh thinks the satays have nice flavours and he thinks the sambal doesn’t have enough chili.  They got some good and some average feedback, but I think they are still above Tanisha and Verena.

Simon and Josh announce that Nikki and Jordan and Tanisha and Verena are the bottom two.  Luckily neither duo is being sent home.

Tomorrow there is a second challenge, and the worst overall duo in both challenges will be sent home.  

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  • Anna

    I don’t like those judges – Simon and Josh especially, because they come across as real bullies and mean-as. Ray seems cool. The competition is about cooking, not cleaning skills (as Josh seems to think it is). I’d hate to work for either of them.