Masterchef NZ Recap: Sunday 6 April

My super scientific Masterchef rankings*:

1 (no change) Tanisha and Verena

2 (up from 3): Karina and Kasey

3rd equal: Jaimie and Bec, Nikki and Jordan and Trudie and Shelley (I can not separate these three duos).

*I think that any of these duos could win.  The competition is so hot.

I personally think this is one of the best top 5’s in the competition history.  Maybe it is because they are duos so they help out even out each other’s weaknesses.  It is hard to pick the winner, and all couples have made competition-winning dishes.

Tonight’s challenge, where only one of each duo is cooking, will be interesting because the advantage of working with a partner is taken away from them.  I wonder if the ratings will go up with the change in daylight savings and the darkness outside.

On with the show: 

The contestants wake up at 4am to prepare for the day’s challenge.  As the pairs enter the kitchen they can see the mystery boxes lined up on their benches.  Tonight we finally have all three judges back.

Simon explains that the mystery box week will test each individual.  The duos have to choose which contestant will cook with today’s mystery box, and which individual will cook with tomorrows.  The worst performing duo in the combined challenges will be eliminated.  The contestants are not happy.

Inside the mystery box are a variety of ingredients that create a risotto.  Risottos have often been a dish of death in the Masterchef kitchen.

Tanisha is cooking today because Verena is sure it is a savoury challenge.  She is correct – risotto!  Tanisha knows how to make risottos, and luckily the recipe is on the back of the mystery box.  She is cooking a mushroom and pancetta risotto.  Simon says the risotto is creamy, with the right texture and great flavour.  Josh says it is fantastic and that the flavours are balanced.

Karina is up for a challenge today because she has only made one risotto before.  She is making a beetroot and chorizo risotto with mushrooms. Josh asks if she has made risotto before and she bluffs that she has many times.  It is a good strategy because if you point out weaknesses to the judges, they will look for them.  Karina has started making her risotto rice a lot earlier than the other contestants so that will be interesting.  Her stock is quite salty so she has added water and lemon juice.  Josh says that no one flavour stands out while Ray says there are too many flavours and not enough rice.

Jaimie was chosen because Bec and her think it is a breakfast challenge.  They are very wrong with that hunch.  Jaimie admits that she doesn’t actually like risotto.  Tonight her dish is chorizo and asparagus risotto. She is worried that her risotto doesn’t have enough moisture.  The judges were harping on a lot about moisture in the dish so they will probably pick up on that.  Jaimie has dished up way too much risotto for the judges liking.  Josh compares the flavour to marmite.  I can’t imagine that is a good thing.  He also does pick up on the moisture issue.  Ray says that someone who doesn’t understand how to make risottos cooked it.  Bec better cook well tomorrow night!

Jordan likes making risottos every week at home so she is feeling confident.  Tonight she is serving up a chorizo, prawn and green pea risotto.  She is happy with how her dish tastes.  To me, it looks friggen delicious.  Simon says that there is a perfect degree of cooking in the rice.  Ray says she has absolutely nailed it.  Josh can’t tell if he likes it better than Tanisha’s, but Ray thinks that Jordan beat her on technique.

Trudie isn’t too impressed with the risotto challenge because she has only made one before.  She trusts her instincts because she isn’t too sure what she is doing.  It is a pity that Shelley isn’t cooking today, because she apparently is the risotto queen.  Tonight she is making a prawn, asparagus and pea risotto.  Trudie is worried because her risotto is stodgy; that is definitely not something you want in a risotto.  Simon can tell she is in trouble as soon as he starts spooning it onto his plates. The risotto is clearly too dry and all the judges are unimpressed.

The judges are not going to say the scores for tonight’s challenge, but it is pretty obvious who did good (Jordan and Tanesha), average (Karina and Jaimie) and bad (Trudie).

Tomorrow night the other half of the duos will cook off.

Who do you think will do the best tomorrow night? Which duo do you think will be eliminated? Randomly, has Aaron (Masterchef winner from last year) had his cook book published yet?


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About the author

  • K

    Funny you should ask about Aaron…I saw an ad promoting his cookbook just yesterday!

    I have no idea who will go, it’s pretty close alright.

  • Clint

    That Aaron guy is on Good Morning quite often, cooking away.
    Don’t forget Chelsea’s cookbook took ages to come out after she won. Actually, why is she the only one who doesn’t do the Countdown ads? And how come the pommy one does the ads when she didn’t even win?

    • roger

      She has a hugely successful facebook page, well I think 70000+ is successful for NZ anyways, and a second cook book on the way. Nadia has 30000+ on facebook, Brett has 3000ish and Aaron is yet to crack a 1000. Brett and Nadia have both put out two cook books and Chelsea’s 2nd cook book is about to come out.

    • Jeseta

      I imagine the reason Chelsea isn’t on the ads for Countdown is that someone decided they didn’t want to rotate out the ‘faces’ too frequently when people are still happy to see the old ones. You’ll see Chelsea on the ads for Beef + Lamb NZ (who may have an association with the show, I don’t know).

  • G

    I saw something on Facebook today, I think his new cookbook is being released soon maybe?

  • S

    I wonder if Aaron will ever do one of those countdown ads?

  • Mara

    I finally got a chance to watch masterchef last night. Great episode and another great recap.