Masterchef Recap: Monday 14 April

My super scientific Masterchef rankings:

1st – Kasey and Karena: These two have come back strong in the past few challenges, and head into tonight’s challenge as one of the two top teams.  Plus, they are hilarious, so that gets them the top spot.

2nd – Jaimie and Bec: These two ladies clearly want to win and they have excellent teamwork.  This has helped them create some great dishes in the recent weeks and the judges seem impressed.

3rd – Tanisha and Verena: I still think Tanisha and Verena could take out the competition but they head into tonight’s challenge after underwhelming in the kitchen last night.

4th – Nikki and Jordan: Nikki and Jordan did not impress with their Indonesian cuisine last night, and Nikki is becoming a bit of a weak link.  I really hope they can pick it up tonight and stay in the competition.

On with the show:

Tonight is the second half of the contestants trip to Bali.  They have another challenge tonight that will help decide who is next eliminated.  They have been given a day off so we get a short view of their holiday day – elephants, foot rubs and delicious food.

In this challenge they are cooking Balinese food at the Bumbu Bali cooking school, developed by Heinz von Holzen.  He shows them the dishes they are cooking tonight: chicken satays, peanut sauce, tumeric rice, chicken and coconut parcles, and lamb curry.

Each pair must create all of the dishes, including the spiced paste, which is the foundation for many Balinese dishes.  They have the recipes that they need, and 2 and a half hours.

Josh and Simon note that there are a lot of complex processes within the recipes.  The judges don’t have their ‘Gordon Ramsey’ on today which is much appreciated.  With 15 minutes left, Simon offers the contestants an extra 15 minutes, but they are too proud to accept the help.

Tanisha and Varena have added all of the spices to their lamb spice mix instead of measuring them out. Nikki began doing the same but luckily Jordan noticed the error.  With an hour and a half to go, Tanisha and Verena have not put their meat on, and they have not got their chicken spice mix ready.  They don’t have a clear plan of what they are doing.  They took a long time to get their curry on the heat, which means it won’t have as long to cook as the other duos.  It is the first night that I have seen these girls snap at each other.  The stress is certainly getting to them.  Plating is also a challenge for them tonight because they need their food to be on the stove for as long as possible, to ensure it is cooked.  They also don’t have time to taste everything they are serving, which Simon pulls them up on.  I would be gutted if these guys go home because they are great cooks and it is their first time near the bottom.  The satays and parcels get positive feedback while the peanut sauce and lamb curry are disasters.

Jaimie and Bec are working like pros in the kitchen today.  One of their best assets is their teamwork.  They both understand what tasks they are in charge of, and they communicate well with each other.  Bec burnt the peanuts, which might impact on their peanut sauce and chicken satays.  I think that these two have shown the biggest improvement out of all the couples.  Simon loves everything, while Josh says they absolutely slayed it.  They are definitely the best of the day.  Simon calls their food outstanding.

Nikki and Jordan still seem a bit off tonight.  They are arguing and stressing and definitely not working as a team.  Nikki was reminded at the beginning of the challenge to not put coconut cream into the curry until right near the end.  Frustratingly, she did not listen or read her recipe.  The coconut cream will split because it has been added so early.  Nikki is becoming very annoying – I know it is a stressful environment, but they have a recipe.  Read the darn thing and do what it says. Nikki and Jordan have also burnt their curry, another mistake from Nikki.  This is not her night.  They better hope that their other four dishes are exceptional.  Nikki and Jordan are quitting on their lamb curry but Simon gives them a rev up.  He encourages them to sort out a way to salvage it.  Josh is very surprised that they got all of the dishes up.  Simon and Josh both find the parcels a little bland but love the chicken satays.

Kasey and Karena have had very little screen time during the cooking today, so I have to assume they are doing well.  Do I sense a little arrogance creeping in Karena? She reflects at the end of the challenge “It is great to finally have a challenge that pushes us.”  Pride comes before a fall yo.  The happy music comes on in the background at the start of the judges’ comments.  Simon and Josh both love the dishes, and call them the team to beat.

Before the contestants head to judges tasting it seems pretty clear that the two bottom teams from yesterday (Tanisha and Verena and Nikki and Jordan) are also today’s worst performing teams.  It will come down to who made more errors.  After listening to the judges’ feedback, I am not sure who will be heading home.  While Nikki and Jordan have been one of my favourite teams, I think it is their night to head home.  Nikki needs a good lie down, and Jordan has shown enough flair in her cooking to hopefully get a job within the industry.


Jaimie and Bec and Kasey and Karina are called forward.  Kasey and Karina are announced as yesterday’s challenge winner while Jaimie and Bec take out tonight’s challenge.

That means the bottom two are Tanisha and Verena and Nikki and Jordan.

Going home tonight is…Tanisha and Verena.

I am disappointed in this result.  Nikki in particular needs to sort herself out, otherwise they have no shot of making the final.

Next week each group has to create two dishes that would be a part of their cookbook. It looks from the ads that it is another bad week for Nikki, but you can’t ever trust the preview editing! 🙂

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About the author

  • Jeseta

    I happened to read an issue of Women’s Day (or was it Weekly?) recently after my neighbour gave me some she was done with and was surprised to see a whole feature on Jaimie and Bec. It made me wonder if the editors already know the outcome – why else profile just this one duo? I suppose you could say they fit into the magazine’s demographic but Trudie and Shelly were still in at this point as well as Tanisha and Verena.

    I’m sure I’m over thinking it but it did seem curious…

    • Tania

      You bought your own copy, didn’t you? 🙂
      Of course they know the outcome – this was filmed months ago and they would’ve already shot the photos of the winners and written the accompanying story.

      • Anna

        +1 – all this stuff is definitely worked on well in advance of us seeing the results.

      • Jeseta

        I genuinely didn’t, I have quite the disdain my womens mags in general!

        Why then would they print the story prior to the final? Only to print another one after the win? Perhaps they wrote stories on the top 2 or 3 duos and have run this one now with the knowledge that they will run the other (the winner) after the finale? Considering this is it more or less likely that Jaimie and Bec take it out?

    • roger

      I read an NZ Herald article just focused on Karena and Kasey the other day, and thought it was strange that it was just about them, so maybe they are giving different remaining contestants various media. Perhaps another team is in the TV Guide haha

  • Clint

    There are too many of these winners on TV now. Good Morning has one of them every other day and the Countdown ads are never-ending. It feels like the specialness has gone cos they’re all competing on the ads, with their books, and in the public.
    I reckon they should have a Masterchef Idol next year – make them sing and cook at the same time. And where there’s a tie make them sing for their supper. Awesome.

    • roger

      Only two of the contestants are on the Countdown ads, and I am sure the target demographic of Good Morning are also watchers of Masterchef, so it makes sense to use the contestants from the show.

      • Name

        I love those “feed a family of four for $x” adverts that they do. They need to do heaps more of them. The Good Morning recipes are quite elaborate and must cost a fair bit.
        Clint, not sure if your ideas will make the cut but they do need to do something to up the ante next year, otherwise they’ll get left behind when MKR comes along.

        • roger

          They will never screen the two shows at the same time, because unlike tv3, tvnz understands a little about programming.

    • S

      Hahaha Masterchef Idol! Interesting idea! 🙂