Masterchef Recap: Monday 28 April

My super scientific Masterchef rankings:

1st: Kasey and Karena: While they did not get the best feedback last night, I doubt they were overtaken in points by the other two duos.

2nd: Jaimie and Bec: With the best comments last night, we can assume they may have clawed a point or two back from Kasey and Karena’s lead and at least given themselves an advantage over Nikki and Jordan.

3rd: Nikki and Jordan: These two fighters need a stunner today. I hope they cook with beef regularly.

The general consensus on the Masterchef NZ Facebook page is that Jaimie and Bec should have been eliminated last week, with most people hoping for a Kasey/Karena versus Nikki/Jordan final. I would tend to agree.

On with the show:

Totals so far*:

Karena and Kasey: 19/20

Nikki and Jordan: 16/20

Jaimie and Bec: 16/20

*Last night’s scores have not been announced.

Simon explains that today is another pressure test. Josh is away on a secret mission (whatever that is) so today they are cooking for Michel Lauws, known for being a hard taskmaster. He has been a part of the past two seasons of Masterchef as a guest judge and was the previous head chef at the Huka Lodge, as well as a Michelin star recipient. I am going to do my best to not focus too much on his pointy stalk of hair.


The contestants have 90 minutes to create two beef dishes – one hot and one cold. They will be replicating a beef tartare with oysters and pickled vegetables and Taupo beef rump with crispy béarnaise sauce and red wine jus. This challenge involves many different cooking techniques such as pickling, marinating, and using that tricky sous vide machine. The duos definitely need to read the recipes clearly tonight and work well together.

Simon is yelling so much tonight. I have read a lot of complaints on Facebook about Simon and Josh’s yelling this season. I personally would find it so frustrating. It would be hard to concentrate if someone was yelling in your ear the whole time. With about half an hour to go, Michel also begins yelling at them. He also changes the cold beef dish to make it easier for them to present.

Karena and Kasey are marveling at the multitude of processes involved in these dishes. Simon thinks that it will be hard for them because they are freestylers, and not as used to following a recipe. The baby vegetables are quite fiddly in this dish and so Karena is trying to sort them out as fast as possible. Karena cuts her hand on a sharp knife, which holds her up for a bit. Their dishes are coming together well, so lets hope that they taste good. Simon asks how it will feel if they are sent home today and the girls admit it would be devastating. Simon thinks their tartare is delicious and Ray thinks they have nailed the flavour balance.   Michel thinks the tartare is seasoned properly but wants more heat. Michel thinks the rump is too rare.

Nikki is feeling rattled tonight which is not a good sign. She works best when she is feeling confident. She is worried about making a mistake and it is slowing her down. This isn’t the kind of challenge where she can just plod along and Michel thinks that they are the most behind of the duos. Hopefully Jordan can keep them on track tonight. It seems like she has because with 25 minutes to go, Michel lets them know that they have miraculously caught up. Jordan’s beef looks incredibly rare – in fact, it looks raw. This will be a huge disaster. I don’t know if they can come back from raw beef. It shocks me that she didn’t notice that when plating. That shows how stressful it must have been. Michel thinks the tartare is too hot, and Ray doesn’t like the flavour as much as Karena and Kasey. I think the nails are presently being hammered into their coffin…

Jaimie and Bec think they will do well tonight because they work well under pressure. They must be thinking about a different show because that is not what they have shown us this season. Bec is working on the meat processes while Jaimie organises the other elements. Bec says that if she has any more pressure, she will turn into a diamond. Jaimie says that pressure just makes them stronger because they are superheroes. Vomit. Jaimie’s cream continues to split when she adds her horseradish. Right when Michel says that the vegetables should already be pickled, Jaimie realises she hasn’t even begun that process. How them superpowers now Jaimie? Michel thinks the presentation of both of their dishes is the worst out of all the duos. Ray says that the tartare tastes like it looks. They will need an amazing beef dish…and the happy background music comes on. The judges are enjoying the dish and Jaimie and Bec get really positive comments for it. Michel explains that they have the best hot beef dish and the worst cold beef dish.  As annoying as they come across on TV, they do produce some good food.

After hearing the judges comments, I think the most likely pair to go home tonight are Nikki and Jordan. Jaimie will be very happy. I await her comments…

Last night’s scores:

Karena and Kasey: 8/10

Jaimie and Bec: 9/10

Nikki and Jordan: 8/10

Tonight’s scores:

Karena and Kasey: 8/10

Jaimie and Bec: 7/10

Nikki and Jordan: 6/10

Total scores:

Karena and Kasey: 35

Jaimie and Bec: 31

Nikki and Jordan: 30


The first duo announced into the final of this year’s Masterchef is Karena and Kasey. Well done ladies, you thoroughly deserve it.

The second pairing to make it into the final is Jaimie and Bec.

Heading home tonight is Nikki and Jordan. Simon offers Jordan a job, which is pretty cool! They don’t say many compliments about Nikki, but I think she deserves kudos too!  She has done really well.  I will really miss these two, they come across as thoroughly nice people, and damn good cooks.

I think the producers will be quite happy with the final two, because the favorites’ made it to the final, plus the most polarizing couple (Jaimie and Bec).  It should make for an interesting finale next week.


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About the author

  • Tania

    I think the ones who were sent home deserved to be there more than the ones who I’ll always think of as messy (both), inconsiderate (leaving the fridge door open – blonde one), and stressed out and grumpy (dark haired one).
    The mother of the two sent home tonight seems like a really nice lady.

    • roger

      I think Bec and Jaimie are excellent cooks. Their personalities just grate me, particularly Jaimie’s. That might be the editing though.

      • Fred

        Whichever the blonde Canadian one is, came across really well – likable – in a recent womens’ magazine interview.

        • Tania

          You must be joking, surely? She’s horrible! And the folks over at Trade Me agree:

          • roger

            same with the people on Mastechef facebook page. There is some fierce hate towards her! I think some of it will be the editing.

          • Jeseta

            I think it’s because she seemed to take herself very seriously right from the beginning. We Kiwi viewers seem to like people who are more laid back and relaxed – even in a fierce competition – perhaps this contributes towards the more positive reception for Kasey and Karena.

  • Mara

    I want Kasey and Karena to win! Consistent since the beginning and truly humble. They deserve to win.

    • Tania

      I agree – and there’s no cockiness about them which is great. I think these two might be destined for great things. What an awesome position to be in at their age.

      • Ana

        What an awesome position for anyone to be in at any age … a gorgeous car for each, kitchen equipment, groceries … wowser.

  • Jeseta

    I’m sorry but how can anyone have any respect for Chef Alfalfa??!! What a ridiculous hair ‘style’!

    • roger

      I was proud of myself for holding my tongue haha, that is the weirdest hairstyle I have seen for a while!

    • Fred

      That’s just dumb – they’re not there to discuss hairstyles. Did you think the same about the dreadlocked contestant?

      • Tania

        I don’t like dreadlocks full stop, but at least she had her hair pulled back off her face. That should be a stock-standard rule with all chefs – I’ve seen the annoying blonde one fidget with her hair a lot which is just gross.

      • Jeseta

        Dreadlocks are a hairstyle at least, he looked like he lost a dare. Chefs may spend most of their time in the kitchen but they have to be presentable. This includes not looking like an insane person.

    • aaronimpact

      I didn’t watch last nights episode purely because of the chef with the hair on his head. It almost makes me want to throw up.

  • Fred

    It all felt rigged to me – they sent home the second best team so they could have the best, and third best, competing next week, after which they can say “see – the best won”.
    Roger – how do you know that Simon offered a job? I couldn’t hear anything when they were saying goodbye … do you get advance copies to view?

    • roger

      I certainly don’t. I know he offered her a job because he offered her a job during his parting comments to her. It wasn’t like a “here is the contract, sign now” kind of thing, but an offer none-the-less.

      • Ana

        Was it Simon who Brendan from one of the past series (guy with dreadlocks) went to work for, or was it Josh? Wonder if he’s still there.
        I’ve read people commenting about Ray being the coolest judge – I definitely agree with that.

  • aaronimpact

    Is anyone surprised that the 2 young sisters made it to the final? It’s not much of a competition when we can correctly predict from the first episode who will be in the final.

    • roger

      I think the same could be said about Aaron from last year.

  • Graham

    I actually thought it was a disappointing episode not just because Nikki and Jordan went, maybe it was just me but it was hard to follow what they were cooking as it was jumping all over the place so you didn’t see the dishes being created and with less than half the program done the cooking was finished and on to the judging for the remaining 30 minutes.. Apart from that hideously long Telecom advert which made me want to cancel my telecom account..

    Jamie kind of reminds me of Ana from a couple of seasons back, who made it to the final when she should have been eliminated a few times but she was kept in i’m guessing by the producers to keep the discussion heated and going..

    • Ana

      Was Ana the one from Waiheke Island? If so, yes! Me too! (And that’s not me, by the way).

    • roger

      I was going to mention that really annoying Telecom ad. I noticed the short cooking time also. The first 15 minutes was filler, they showed cooking from 7.45-8.05pm and then it was time for the judging.

  • a

    I had hoped Nikki and Jordan would be in the final 2, both really genuine people. don’t shoot me for saying this but Kasey & Karena annoy the bejeezus out of me.

  • Guest

    There is absolutely no way I would ever go on a show like this. It’s not so much about the competition itself (even though I believe the winners are decided early on); it’s the social media backlash – all it takes is for the post-production team to do some clever editing to make you out to be less than a model citizen and the floodgates will open. Or you may be naturally that way and you’ll cop the backlash too.

    When viewers make these vile comments on Facebook, Trade Me, Twitter, what have you, they forget that these are very real people who have emotions and feelings. And quite often they have a day job they have to go back to too.

    No prize is that big that it’s worth riding out all the online harassment over.

    (And I’ve seen horrible things written about all of the remaining contestants, not just Bec and Jaimie).

    • roger

      I agree that the editing could be a big factor in whether people come across as “the villain” etc etc. It doesn’t just happen with Masterchef. This happens with all reality tv. People would go into it knowing that a backlash could take place. Its part of the deal when you go on a show like this. The same kind of thing definitely happens in My Kitchen Rules.

  • Clint

    Are past finalists allowed to re-enter next year? If so, Jordan should definitely consider doing so because it sounds like Nikki may have let their team down towards the end (and I don’t mean that to sound as horrible as it does!).

    • roger

      To be fair, last night they went home due to Jordan’s mistake (the raw beef). Maybe we will see a Masterchef All Stars like Australia did.