Masterchef Recap: Monday 7 April

My super scientific Masterchef rankings:

1st: Tanisha and Verena

2nd: Karina and Kasey

3rd equal: Jaimie and Bec and Nikki and Jordan

5th: Trudie and Shelley

From now I think it comes down to each challenge.  If the challenge is up their alley, the duos will be at an advantage.  It is still anyone’s game.  I am glad we don’t have any dud pairings left.

Tonight’s challenge follows on from last night, where one half of each duo cooks a mystery box.  Up tonight we have Verena, Kasey, Nikki, Bec and Shelley.  Shelley will be feeling the most pressure, as she is aware that Trudie’s risotto was a turd.

On with the show:

The judges ask what the contestants would like to see under the mystery box.  Bec is hoping it isn’t a sweet dish while the others are happy that it could be.  When they lift off the mystery box, they see dessert ingredients.  They are free to make whatever dessert they want within the hour.

Simon explains that the lowest score yesterday was a 4, and the highest score was a 9.  I would say Trudie was the 4 for sure.

Verena is making pineapple ravioli with white chocolate mousse inside.  I will have some of that thanks.  She is feeling more in control today than any other day in the competition.  She looks like a pro when she begins spinning sugar to make caramel.  Verena is happier with the presentation that I am.  I think it looks far too yellow.  Josh thinks it is a fabulous dessert but he would have liked more of the mousse, Simon thinks the pineapple is too overpowering.  Ray thinks she has shown a lot with the desert.

Kasey is making a raspberry and chocolate tart with vanilla mascarpone.  Karina and her are used to more casual cooking without recipes, so a dessert that requires more exact cooking could be a challenge for her.  Karina usually does the plating but Kasey seems to have plated up a delicious looking dessert.  The happy music comes on in the background so you know the comments will be good.  Simon loves the dessert, Ray is overflowing with complements and Josh calls it near perfect.

Nikki is making a coconut and lemon syrup cake with a pineapple fluff of all things.  She is worried that she might not have enough time for the cook to fully bake.  Nikki is a brainy cook. She has made three separate cakes in different sized cake tins to make sure that one of them sets at the right time.  She goes with the biggest of the three cakes and it looks yum.  Nikki thinks it looks too big so she cuts out a piece, but then thinks it looks weird so she puts it back.  Now it looks worse than before.  The judges don’t notice but they wish there was some cream to go with it.  Simon is a bit worried because it is a dessert challenge, not a cake challenge.

Bec is stressing out because she doesn’t like cooking desserts.  She is getting the “I am worried about how I will do today” edit.  She is making a star anise, raspberry and mint ice cream to go with a white chocolate tart.  It is the first ice cream she has ever made.  Simon isn’t a fan of the presentation.  Josh thinks that the flavours are good but the textures are a bit grainy.  Ray thinks she has done a good job for someone who doesn’t cook desserts.

Shelley is in a bit of a fuddle today because she knows that she needs a great score to compensate for Trudie’s disaster yesterday.  She is making a lemon and white chocolate mousse with a raspberry sauce, and she is hoping it works.  Shelley’s first attempt at plating looks ridiculous (her words, but I definitely agree).  Her presentation looks like a bit of a mess but she calls it rustic (hahaha).  Simon likes the lemon mousse while Josh hates the presentation.

My prediction:

Lowest yesterday seemed to be Trudie and lowest today is probably Bec.  I think either Trudie and Shelley or Jaimie and Bec will be going home.

Judges scores:


Jordan (Dark blue) – 9

Tanisha (Green)– 8

Jaimie (Purple) – 6

Karina (Pink) – 6

Trudie (Teal) – 4



Kasey (Pink) – 9

Verena (Green) – 7

Nikki (Dark Blue) – 6

Shelley (Teal) – 5

Bec (Purple) – 4



Tanisha and Verena: 15

Karina and Kasey: 15

Nikki and Jordan: 15

Jaimie and Bec: 10

This means that eliminated tonight are Trudie and Shelley with a combined score of 9.  Heck, not even a pass mark.

What a great top four!  These guys are heading off to Bali for next week’s challenges. Better lock your bags ladies – don’t want to end up with some marijuana chucked in.

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  • Glynn Rudolph

    A fine recap again. I would’ve stuffed my face with any of them. The desserts that is. Not the recaps, as delicious as they are.

  • Mara

    Hahaha love the wit in your recaps Roger!

  • S

    Great recap. And another great show tonight.