Ratings: The not so great food race

What a disaster The Great Food Race has been for TV3. About the only thing they can be commended for is having the resolve to not bump the program to a different timeslot or night. Some might also call that stupidity.

Last night’s grand finale slumped to it’s second lowest rating of the 13 episode series with an average audience of only 123,160 viewers. The series average wasn’t much higher than that with only 145,999 viewers tuning in per week.


While it was only a slight drop on the previous week, Masterchef New Zealand enjoyed a 46% jump in audience last night as TV One’s cooking series nears its own finale.

If, by the slimmest of hopes, The Great Food Race gets a second season, you can be sure it won’t be going up against Masterchef.

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  • Sam

    Why the hell did they put it up against Masterchef, an established show with an audience, in the first place. Are they stupid or what?

    • K

      I reckon..What did they expect??

    • J

      I watched it because I like cooking programmes but can’t stand Masterchef (just because all the judges, except Ray, drive me mad with their shouting and anger). So I was hoping for good things but … it was boring. And the contestants were all awful. As was the host. And the judges were just weird.

      • richjd

        Agreed. Boring concept, terrible host who was neither use nor ornament, and add to that, not-very-likable contestants.

  • Ana

    I hope ALL the networks have learned from this “experiment” that live TV is not a good idea for this sort of show. And it proves what a good job the post-production team does (and didn’t get a chance to do last night). I hope that Zoe gets on a plane and back to her homeland pronto; I can think of ten hosts who would’ve done a far better job than she did last night.