Ratings: Seven Sharp vs Campbell Live week 13

Seven Sharp returned to screens on Monday after taking Friday off for Easter while the Campbell Live team took a four day weekend, returning on Tuesday so this weeks numbers can be taken with a grain of salt.

Seven Sharp were down 9% to an average audience of 414,426 viewers per night with Friday night’s Anzac Day show dropping well below 400,000, a figure the series has managed to avoid since the start of the month.

Campbell Live were down 27% on the previous week to an average audience of 217,795 viewers per night but considering we’ve just had two long weekends in a row, I can’t see this as necessarily being a trend at this point.


Year on year, despite the holiday period, Seven Sharp was still up 8% on last year. Campbell Live, on the other hand, was down 39%.

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  • Simon

    Although he’s a bit boring and solemn, you have to admit John Campbell has turned things around quite nicely through his show (Christchurch rebuild and awareness surrounding legal highs to name a coujple). The only thing that springs to mind which Seven Sharp have done is reveal that Dunne’s son is a lawyer for the legal highs companies.

  • Dave

    Of course Seven Sharp is out polling Campbell Dead. As long as he insists on being a lefty shrill and len brown lover, viewers will switch off.