Shortland Street Recap (5477)

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Murray isn’t happy about Kane’s move, Honour isn’t happy with Kane, and Leanne plots revenge.

Murray mopes around a lot because he’s sad about Kane leaving for St. Barts. Wendy pulls out her patented grumpy face and forces him to call Evan and to listen to Dayna’s ideas in order to cheer himself up.

Kane continues to focus on his rugby instead of on his girlfriend. Honour becomes fed up and considers joining Toby’s band to occupy her spare time.

Leanne sabotages Kylie’s vending machine by switching it off every time someone tries to use it. Harry catches her at it and she offers him free chocolate in exchange for his silence. Leanne runs out of chocolate to give Harry so tries to get some from the machine. However, she finds that it isn’t working properly anymore. In a moment of frustration, Leanne starts shaking the machine and it begins to fall down. Vinnie comes along to save the day and manages to rescue Leanne, but finds his foot trapped under the machine.

Tomorrow, Chris and Boyd may get the opportunity to try out the drill guide on Vinnie’s injury.


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