TV3 "deeply concerned" about 3rd Degree ratings

3RD_degree-wideSources have told Throng that there is deep concern within TV3 at the ratings for 3rd Degree after it slumped to an even lower rating this week than last week’s record low.

This week saw 3rd Degree slump to an average audience of 135,290 viewers, down from 141,690 last week.

In 2013, 3rd Degree featured a monthly debate called The Vote.  These were cancelled due to poor ratings.  The problem that 3rd Degree now finds itself in is that the current affairs program is now rating lower than some of those episodes.

Sources tell us that blame is being directed at Campbell Live’s low ratings, however, looking at the overnight data, 3rd Degree was down 33% on Campbell Live’s 7pm evening lead in.  What is more fascinating is that Destroyed in Seconds built the audience on TV3 directly after Campbell before slumping for the show hosted by Duncan Garner and Samantha Hayes.  I’ve argued before that it’s a simple programming problem of having an inconsistent block of shows that don’t compliment each other across the evening.  Going from “hard hitting current affairs” to entertainment and then back to supposed “hard hitting current affairs” isn’t a logical way to build, or keep, an audience.

The other problem is that Samantha Hayes seems completely out of place.  The stunning red head made for popular bed time viewing as the autocue reader during her time on the late night news program Nightline but her role on 3rd Degree confuses me.

It would seem as though Hayes was added to the line up to sex the show up a bit but that would suggest the program has a real identity crisis. Is it serious current affairs or something else?  Either way, the viewers don’t seem convinced.


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  • Jas

    The other problem they have is that TV3 is Left Wing or Auckland dominated so they loss a huge potential audience straight away

    • Regan Cunliffe

      I’m pretty sure there’d be those who would say Garner is more right than he is left

      • David Finch

        Is Duncan Garner a stunning brunette?

  • The audience are seeing through Duncan Garner. People love it when someone has strong opinions, or is a bit out there. But once they figure you’re only doing for effect, they lose interest.

  • David Finch

    You are confused by the presence of “a stunning redhead”. I am appalled by your casual sexism.

    • Regan Cunliffe

      As I am with your ability to take things out of context. Regularly.

      • David Finch

        “The stunning red head made for popular bed time viewing”. Now what male TV journalist would you ever make that kind of comment about? In any context?

  • Jack

    I agree with both your points. It’s poor programming over the evening, and Samantha Hayes feels out of place as one of the anchors. Plus the continual plugging of Duncan’s radio show feels tacky.

  • Richard

    who interested in another current affairs, when people are more interested in watching comedies, big bang theory and 2 broke girls, are so much more entertaining

  • roger

    I still find the point of the two hosts pointless. The stories last night were interesting, but they don’t add anything to it when they have a little chat to each other. it comes across so fake.

    • K

      Second time watching 3rd Degree last night and I thought exactly the same…it did sound fake

  • p.b.nightline

    the timeslot is wrong and Duncan garner needs to go

  • Tania

    Personally I reckon it’s to do with a few things:
    1) Mismatch between Sam and Duncan. He’s a bit rogueish and she’d be far better paired with someone far more polished. The conversation probably doesn’t flow naturally because they have absolutely nothing in common and haven’t bonded.
    2) She’s very young and people forget that because she’s had some high profile jobs.
    3) I heard that others in that programme wanted the hosting job. Paula Penfold would’ve been the obvious choice but others who thought they should would be sitting there waiting for Sam to slip up – bugger worrying about that all the time.
    4) It probably won’t happen but – and this is going to sound incredibly sexist, but it’s being said by a heterosexual female – put Sam back onto assignments and get Alison Mau in to co host. She’d give Duncan Garner a run for his money and she is a ratings drawcard no matter where she goes. She’s wasted on Radio Live and, I suspect, missed on TV. I’d like to see Ali be John Campbell’s successor when the time is right.

  • Hmmm

    Why have they got Samantha Hayes acting like Duncan Garner? she is not suited for this role at all, the original line up was very good, this new one is a failure.

  • epistaxis

    3rd degree rating as poorly as campbell live both shows need a re-thing maybe ?
    but yes duncan garner a “face for radio” and at the moment the show all hype and no substance..

    • Regan Cunliffe

      no, 3rd Degrees rates much lower than Campbell Live