Do you want the dream to continue?

cadbury-dream-factoryAt 7:30pm tonight, TV3’s Cadbury Dream Factory will have its season finale.  It’s been an emotional journey and some beautiful feel good telly.

Host of the show, Brooke Howard Smith, would love a second season.

So 7.30 tonight is the final episode of Cadbury Dream Factory for this series. It’s been an amazing show to be a part of. I am so so proud to be making positive TV and so lucky to be working with by far the best crew in Television…

It’s no secret that good ratings tonight will go a long way to us being able to make another amazing series where we may make YOUR dream happen.

Support positive television.

What have you thought of the show?

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  • Kyle Wadsworth

    I thought it’d be tacky and a waste of money but boy was I wrong. I really enjoyed it – how often do we see generousity these days?

  • Clint

    I thought it was boring. And Kimberly’s voice and perkiness is beyond annoying.

  • Jason

    If you want actual generosity why not use all the money for good causes instead of wasting probably 60 – %70 of it on the production costs as a vehicle for a whole lot of c class celebs and comedians. So Kyle I see your point but think it was all three generous, tacky and percentage wise a waste of money.

    • Jeseta

      I guess the theory is they are also bringing some joy to the home viewer so it’s worth more… I don’t know I thought it was too cheesy