Is this the worst April fools gag?

I hate the first of April.  With the decline in media, finding real and actual news can be hard enough as it is.  Occasionally you’ll get a good gag that is memorable but many of them are lame attempts at trying to be funny.  Other times, people don’t even try to hide the fact that they’re trying to fool you.  Like this from Variety today.


Amazon Set-Top Box REVEALED: It’s an Indoor Drone!

The tech world’s favorite guessing game can finally be put to rest.

A long-anticipated set-top box Amazon is expected to unveil at a press conference Wednesday is in fact an indoor drone, according to sources. The device will wirelessly deliver films, TV shows and video games to screens while hovering mid-air in U.S. homes.

The indoor drone will end ceaseless speculation regarding Amazon’s secretive entry into the multimedia entertainment space currently dominated by Apple and Google. But Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is counting on the airborne robot’s ability to fly to set it apart from its gravity-bound competition.

Company execs turned to the drone technology they were previously developing strictly for outdoor use when they realized deploying a streaming device would encounter a problem: There are already so many set-tops currently accumulating on and around American TV sets, from Roku to Tivo, that there would be no room for Amazon.

But in an effort to one-up the competition, the Amazon drone will do more than just provide video. The technology will be capable of other viewing-oriented services, from retrieving missing remote controls wedged deep in couch cushions to simply hovering over viewers’ open mouths and pouring snacks down their throats — thus freeing up their hands to hold yet other Amazon products like the Kindle Fire.

One look at the headline and corresponding photo and it’s obvious it’s not true.

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  • Jeseta

    100% agree. Corporate April Fools is a bore.