Fairfax: Shorty Street boosts financial literacy

Shortland Street LogoThis has to be one of the most appalling headlines I’ve seen in a while from Fairfax Media’s business section of their stuff website. According to the headline, Shortland Street boosts financial literacy. The very first paragraph then states that it could

give an unlikely boost to financial literacy, a researcher says

AUT researcher Annie Claire Zhang says a

recent discussion about KiwiSaver on the longest-running New Zealand soap opera highlights an opportunity to increase member’s investment knowledge.

So we’ve gone from the fact that Shortland Street does boost financial literacy, to it “could”, to “there’s an opportunity to”. There’s also an opportunity for Resene to sell more brightly coloured paint this weekend.

But most fascinatingly is the very last paragraph from the story.

Although it was not mentioned in her paper, Zhang said a discussion about KiwiSaver between nurses on an episode of Shortland Street last year showed the potential for TV and social media to generate interest in the scheme and improve knowledge.

After all that, all this nonsense wasn’t even deemed worthy to earn a mention in the paper.

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  • Tania

    Sounds like the sort of thing you’d expect to read in No Idea (New Idea) magazine … slow news day, perhaps?