Help find the tickle king

David Farrier has launched a kickstarter campaign to help fund a documentary he’s wanting produce about the world of “competitive tickling”.

They’re about halfway there with the funding they need so if you’d like to chip in, visit their kickstarter page.

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  • roger

    No thanks.

  • Jeseta

    Competitive tickling? never heard of it. Thats so creepy….

    • Jeseta

      After reading the kickstarter page I can see the creepiness is kind of the point, it actually sounds like a really interesting investigation. I will donate.

  • Goodaye

    Stephen Fry is backing it!

  • Mike Cook

    Congrats to Farrier for his award of ‘Best New Pitch” for a Documentary and his Backing from well know Producer Michael Gray to make his investigation of “The Tickle King” into a world wide Movie. He got some good video and information on his first visit to America and has planned a second trip. This time to Boston, Conn. and Florida for what looks like will be one hell of a revealing interview. Stay tuned.

  • Mike Cook

    I see many of the people once involved (like interviewers of the ticklers from youtube), start to open up and want to tell the story of how this has ruined there life….I can only hope that back when it was going good and they were being paid well, that they claimed all this income they were making. Now that this is national news, these people who were paid so well are going to checked to see that uncle sam got his percentage and all this was properly claimed….and if not…..YIKES !!!