Is John Campbell the leader of the Internet Party?

JohnCampbellTomorrow will see the announcement about who will lead Kim Dotcom’s internet party. Rumour and speculation has been mounting as to who it will be.  One name that has been floated is TV3’s Campbell Live host, John Campbell.

With recent news stories about media personalities being approached for parliament at TVNZ, it isn’t beyond the realm of possibility that John Campbell would be approached to stand for the Internet party.  After all, Campbell Live, along with the Herald, have been widely considered to be in the Dotcom/Internet Party camp.

It is our understanding that Campbell was asked to be leader of the Internet Party last year but declined.

With falling ratings in 2014 and last week suffering the 7pm current affairs show’s biggest year on year drop so far – a 52% decrease – betting on media over politics maybe something John Campbell is mulling over in his mind.

There has been much talk about the disclosure of those in the media with political interests.  We have asked TV3 for comment on this.


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  • bobscoffee

    This story is pretty ridiculous.

  • roger

    Sounds like it is Laila Harre, ex Alliance MP.