Netflix launching in NZ in 2015: rumour

netflix-logoHaving to use work arounds to use Netflix might be a thing of the past next year as US studio executives confirm that the US streaming service is negotiating for content rights for this territory.

“They are engaging with the studios,” one US executive told IF, who is convinced a Q1 launch is planned.

Yesterday, Quickflix announced a price drop, Telecom have their yet to be retitled service in the pipeline, Sky is expected to get in on the streaming game and now it looks as though Netflix might be about to arrive.

With 49.8 million subscribers and a profit of $201m for the quarter to the end of March, Netflix would be a formidable competitor in the streaming space if they do arrive. A war chest of that size would certainly help overcome some of the serious hurdles in the way and potentially provide a competitor large enough to take on Sky.

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  • Trevor Ashman

    I do find it annoying that we sometimes have to wait for ages for TV shows to come here 🙁

  • Even if Netflix does make it here, it’ll be a watered down version like it is in other countries aside from the US. It’ll probably be more expensive as well – Netflix raised their prices recently but my account is locked in at the cheap price for 2 years anyway. Sure, it’ll blow Telecom and Quickflix away if it does launch, but I won’t be using it if it’s watered down – I’ll stick with my US subscription

  • Jeseta

    I’ll wait quite awhile until all the options have been tested by other consumers and it’s very clear which is the best option before I consider signing up for anything.