Recap Biggest Loser: 28 May 2014

In tonight’s episode, we see trainers Commando and Shannan help the contestants to recognise the psychological barriers that are holding them back.

Lisa Hose, who took out The Biggest Loser title in 2010, visits the house and offers a few words of support to the female contestants who are struggling emotionally, having left young families behind at home.

The ‘game changer’ fridge is introduced; as The Biggest Loser for last week, Kerry is given the option to open this himself or give that power to someone else. He decides to open it, but before doing so is told by Hayley that this is a ‘double trouble’ week, meaning that there are two lots of power in the fridge.

Kerry pulls out two cards – one for ELIMININATION, and one for IMMUNITY. He decides to give the immunity to his wife, Toni (also on the Black Team), and send Matt (from the Blue Team), home. [I’m thinking that Matt’s disappointment with this decision will not last long when he realises Michelle is training a secret Red Team – made up of eliminated contestants – back home in Ararat].

Hayley reminds the group that it’s ‘double trouble’ week, so they should expect one more immunity and elimination before the end of the week. She recommends the contestants double the training, and eat well, as there is also double the amount of cash on offer for kilos lost – meaning $600 per kilo lost will go into the town kitty – wow!

Back in Ararat, Michelle is training the entire town, split into two teams – the Black Team and the Blue Team – and aiming to shed 26,000kgs in total. Tonight’s challenge is a hay bale slalom, where the contestants need to push 30 bales of hay, each weighing 500kg, through a tough course going uphill and cross country. The first team to move all of their hay bales across the line is the Blue Team, their win resulting in an advantage being sent to the Blue Team back at the house. Katrina’s (Blue Team house member) husband is a member of the Blue Team for the town, and tells the camera that today’s win was for her.

Next episode:
We see the contestants training poolside, with someone falling backwards into the pool … who is it, and will this be the end of their journey? Check back here tomorrow and I’ll tell you.

The Biggest Loser airs on TV3 weekdays, 5:00pm-6:00pm.

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  • roger

    Is this season as good as the one with Margie in it. I haven’t watched this season yet, but I will if you can tell me its THAT good! I loved that season 😀 So many interesting personalities.

    • Tania

      I honestly think it’s better! It’s an interesting twist, having Michelle training the two town teams as well as the ‘secret’ red team made up of the eliminated contestants. And it’s cool that they’ve brought back ‘Big Kev’ from the last series to help him continue his journey. There are a few interesting personalities in this lot, too – one in particular who likes to boss everyone around which makes things interesting.

      Although it’s not looking likely (ratings have been too low), I hope they do bring it back for just one more season, and have four teams, with Tiffiny Hall re-introduced as a trainer – she was great. Or, they could have Tiffiny and Shannan vs Michelle and Commando training two teams.

      • roger

        Right, you have convinced me, I shall give it a go tonight 🙂