Recap: The Biggest Loser 29 May 2014

First up, we see Hayley arriving to give the teams a town update. She tells the contestants how the town competed in a hay bale challenge as two teams, one Blue and one Black, to win their corresponding house team an advantage. Hayley tells Katrina that her husband, Spanner, brought the Blue Team home to victory, giving the Blue Team an advantage going into today’s challenge.

We cross over to the Blue Team training in the gym, where Shannan has his contestants undertaking a boxing exercise. He then presents them with a stack of half-inch pine, instructing the contestants to write on the face of the board what it is that’s held them back, before having them each punch through the slice of pine with their bare hands. All of the contestants break through the pine on their first punch.

Next, we head to Ararat to see Michelle training with the secret Red Team, made up of eliminated contestants (Rodger and Matt only thus far). Matt says he was surprised to see Michelle in Ararat and tells us he definitely wants to change his life, lose weight and keep it off. Matt and Rodger are training on a sports field, where Michelle has them undertake a series of exercises, bettering their time with each take. With Michelle’s relentless encouragement, Matt manages to reduce his time from 35 seconds to 14 seconds.

The setting of today’s challenge is the New Castle Community YMCA pool, where a number of treadmills have been set up backing onto the water’s edge. Hayley explains that the contestants will start at 3km/hr on an incline of 3, and on her call will gradually increase their speed. If they stop walking, they will fall into the water. The last person left standing will win immunity.

Hayley tells everyone the Blue Team has an advantage today thanks to their corresponding town team winning yesterday’s challenge; but because this is a double the trouble week, they also have double the advantage – advantage #1 will be a 10 minute head start, where the Black Team will be starting on the treadmills 10 minutes before the Blue Team; and advantage #2 will be an evening-up of the teams. As Toni already has immunity this week, she will be sitting this challenge out; but the Blue Team has the power to choose who else from the Black Team they would like to sit out. The Blue Team choose to have Cal sit out, which evens up the numbers of the Black Team and Blue Team to five aside.

Hayley then tells the contestants that there are double the prizes up for grabs today – as well as immunity, the last woman or man standing will win their team a 2kg advantage at the next weigh-in.

Natalie from the Blue Team has had a stomach bug for the past week and doesn’t feel well enough to stand on a treadmill for a prolonged period, so withdraws from the challenge, leaving the Blue Team with just four competitors versus the Black Team’s five.

After the Black Team has been walking for 10 minutes, the Blue Team starts the challenge.

A few minutes in, and Hayley tells the teams to increase their speed to 4km/hr.

38 minutes into the challenge, all nine competitors are still standing and they’ve walked over 2.5kms.

Mary from the Blue Team is crying as she is struggling so badly. Shannan is encouraging her to keep going, raising his voice slightly as she is at risk of closing her eyes.

Hayley tells the teams to increase their speed to 5km/hr.

Mary tells us her legs are tired, her heart is pumping so fast, her breathing so laboured, each step feels like her legs are made of lead …

45 minutes in, and Mary can’t continue anymore, landing into the water.

Mary says she is disappointed to be the first person out of the competition, but proud to have done her best.

At this point, the Blue Team has three competitors remaining, and the Black Team has five.

One hour into the challenge, and Commando tells us that each contestant is starting to hurt, but that it’s become a battle of the minds.

Hayley instructs the contestants to increase their speed to 5.5km/hr.

Shannan tells us that Big Kev from the Blue Team is now more mentally tough and disciplined than he ever would’ve thought (remember, this is the contestant who has returned from the previous series to continue his journey). This said, the pain can clearly be seen in Big Kev’s face. Big Kev tells us that his body was fine but he started feeling dizzy … at which point he lands in the water.

The Blue Team is now down to two contestants, Katrina and Shannon.

One hour and 15 minutes into the challenge, and a battle is taking place between Caitlin from the Black Team, and Shannon from the Blue Team, who are both neck and neck … one slides back on the treadmill before fighting to step back up to the front, before the other repeats that action. Shannan is at Shannon’s side, and Commando at Caitlin’s, both encouraging their trainees to keep going, but Caitlin eventually loses her battle and ends up in the water.

One hour and 20 minutes into the challenge, and Shannon from the Black Team reports she is struggling with her knee. She says she can feel herself going back on the treadmill so tries to clamber forward, but at that point the back off her foot goes off the machine, sending her into the water. Shannon says she is proud of the effort she put in, but wishes she had put in a bit more.

At this point, the only Blue Team member standing is Katrina; the Black Team still has four competitors standing. Shannon is standing beside Katrina, encouraging her, reminding her that her husband Spanner led the town Blue Team to victory, so she has to lead the Blue Team to victory here. Katrina says she can feel the pressure of the team on her.

Hayley reminds the competitors that up for grabs is immunity for the winner and a 2kg advantage for their team; and instructs them to increase their speed to 6.

One hour and 30 minutes into the challenge, and Craig from the Black Team goes into the water, followed by Sharon from the Black Team. This leaves two Black Team members and one Blue Team member.

Katrina from the Blue Team tells us her body is hurting, but she knows she has to keep going. Jane and Kerry from the Black Team are still going strong.

One hour and 45 minutes in, and Kerry from the Black Team doesn’t even look bothered. Kerry has regularly walking on the driveway back at the house, which has a slight incline, so has been well prepared for this challenge.

Katrina tells us that she knows she is starting to lag behind, but despite Shannan motivating her to keep going, she can’t hold it together and falls back in the pool.

Hayley tells the Black Team that they have won the 2kg weight advantage, immediately after which Jane falls into the water, leaving Kerry the last man standing, and the winner of immunity. As his wife, Toni, has also won immunity this week, this guarantees them both another week in the house together.

Attention turns to Big Kev who, after the challenge, is still not feeling well and has a medic at his side. The medic asks him to stand while he takes Big Kev’s blood pressure; Big Kev can only stand for a mere second before having to sit back down, he is that ill. Kev tells us that the medic suspects he might have Arrhythmia. An ambulance is called to take Big Kev to hospital.

Next episode:
Is this the end of Big Kev’s journey for good?
Pressure takes its toll as we see Mary explode.
The weigh-in … who will be sent home to Ararat?

The Biggest Loser Australia airs on TV3 weekdays, 5:00pm-6:00pm.

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    • Tania

      Thank you for taking the time to comment.

      You have to remember that what we see is the result of three months’ work condensed. The contestants in the house have an existence of exercise, sleep/rest all throughout the day, only interrupting that with meals and snacks, so of course it’s going to be effective.

      Yes, it’s severe, but there are medics on hand just in case.

      Unfortunately where a lot of people go wrong is when they go home and their friends and family perhaps aren’t as supportive as they could be, or the contestants don’t keep up with their exercise and healthy eating regime.

      I am very invested in this as I lost 60kg over nine months through Jenny Craig, with minimal exercise. Two years later, I had gained over 70kg back again, which I only just managed to lose recently on my own, and over the period of 18 months – with a lot of exercise. I know exactly what these people are going through and feel like I’m there with them on their journey. Being obese is no fun – it’s not only a quality of life thing, but a lot of people have pre-conceived ideas about obese people being lazy, demotivated, and not worthy of opportunities.