Recap - The Biggest Loser, 30 May 2014

Tonight’s episode begins at the hospital, where Big Kev explains to a doctor that when doing the treadmill challenge, he had skips in his heartbeat, he felt dizzy, and he experienced sharp chest pains on three occasions.

Shannan goes to visit Natalie, who is resting in bed, still sick with a stomach bug, and now coughing. She tells Shannan that she has not been eating; and everything she ate previously has come back up. Shannan tells Natalie to stay in bed, not worry or feel bad, and not to think she’s letting the team down.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We see Commando training the Black Team out in the rain. He tells us that because this week is double the trouble, this training session has to be double the intensity. Commando notes that just because it’s raining it doesn’t mean his team can slack off. Craig says he can’t hide from Commando today – every time he tries to skive off, he’s there. Commando tells us that as the biggest contestant in the Black Team, Craig has the potential to raise some great money for the town.

Craig tells us his story. He started racing BMX bikes at 12, winning State titles and going to some world championships, too. But once he turned 18 the training went out the window and he got fat. His seven-year-old nephew has just got into the sport and it breaks Craig’s heart that he can’t do it with him. Craig is grateful that Commando has reminded him of the reasons he is doing this.

Commando says the Black Team has pulled off a stellar effort this week and he is confident they should achieve an even better result at weigh-in.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Next, we head over to the gym where we see Shannan training the Blue Team which is now down to three. Shannon tells us that never in the history of The Biggest Loser has he lost four contestants in a week.

Shannon, Katrina and Mary start their training with boxing, followed by bench pushing – as in pushing their benches up and down the room. Shannan describes the latter as “absolutely brutal.”

Mary is at breaking point in pushing her bench along … Shannan is encouraging her to “push, Push, PUSH!” when she suddenly erupts, exclaiming “I can’t do it!!! I Can’t Do It!!! I CAN’T DO IT!!!!” Mary is extremely worked up at this point – her face bright red, she is crying. Shannan tells us that her drama drives him nuts; he doesn’t like the tears, and he doesn’t think she’s ever experienced tough love in her life. Shannan is able to talk Mary around, after which she does manage to push the bench to the end of the room (with Shannan’s help, where he is literally pushing her from behind). Shannan tells us that he’s pleased she’s changed her mindset, and after a while was able to pull herself together and get back to training. Mary tells us that she’s grateful Shannan pulls her up on her behaviour and knows how to get the best out of her.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Back at the hospital, we see Big Kev off to meet with his Cardiologist, Dr Walker. He tells us he doesn’t want to go home, especially this early. Dr Walker has Big Kev step on the treadmill, where a monitor is tracking his heart; the nurse tells him to shout out if he gets dizzy or if the chest pain returns. The test complete, Big Kev goes with Dr Walker into his consulting room for the results. Dr Walker advises Big Kev’s heart is a bystander to what’s happening – he can’t find anything wrong at all. He says that he doesn’t think there is a serious cardio issue and tells Big Kev that he has a strong and healthy heart. Given the all-clear to continue training, Big Kev says he is focused on getting back to exercising ahead of the weigh-in.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And now it’s time for the weigh-in.

Hayley reminds everyone that there is a 2kg advantage for the Black Team after Kerry’s win yesterday in the challenge. She says she hopes the contestants all took her advice to do double the training, as there is double the money on offer this week – $600 for every kg lost.

The first team to weigh in is Blue. The Blue Team is down to five contestants, with all feeling the pressure. Shannan says this has been one of the toughest weeks as there have really only been three contestants training all week; but the girls are tough so hopefully they’ve done enough to get above the yellow line, despite the Black Team’s 2kg advantage.

Big Kev:
• Walking up: Big Kev tells us that he has stuck to the nutrition plan this week even though he has not done a lot of training.
• Weigh-in: previous weight: 185.9kg; current weight: 180.6; loss of: 5.3kg.
• Afterwards: Big Kev says he is stoked. He tells everyone that the blood pressure medication he has been taking for the past few years turned out to be the cause of his problems; he has now stopped taking this.

• Walking up: Shannon tells us she is growing physically and emotionally and wants to stay in the house longer.
• Weigh-in: previous weight: 89.1kg; current weight: 87.7kg; loss of: 1.4kg.
• Afterwards: Shannon says she doesn’t allow herself to be happy, but here [at the house] she feels happy and she is never going back [to her previous state of mind].

• Walking up: Mary tells us that she is finding it hard in the house at the moment. She has struggled mentally and does not thrive in this environment. She has worked out as hard as she can.
• Weigh-in: previous weight: 168.1; current weight: 164.9; loss of: 3.2kg.
• Afterwards: Mary says she has tried to work much harder [this week] than she has in the past, but she still struggles each day and has demons – she has moments where she does want to be here [in the house], and moments where she doesn’t. Shannan asks Mary whether she‘s lost her spark; Mary responds that she feels a bit sad today, as she does occasionally. Craig tells her to look at the scales! In response, Mary cries and says she can’t keep it up. Hayley tells Mary she can keep it up, to which Mary cries more and says she doesn’t know if she can take the pressure; she doesn’t want to let anyone down. Big Kev asks Mary if she would have lost that amount of weight had she been at home? Mary replies that she wouldn’t, and says she is proud [of her achievement], but she is not good in this environment [at the house] and is not feeling good. Discussion then centres on Mary feeling like she isn’t part of the team. Hayley and Shannan try to assure her that she is very much part of the team, and she belongs here, at the house, but their words appear to fall on deaf ears. Mary tells us afterwards that it [her loss] was a good number, but she thinks her emotions got the better of her. Shannan tells us that he could tell as soon as she stepped on the scales today that something was wrong, and he just hopes that he can unlock her mentally.

• Walking up: Natalie tells us that she hasn’t been able to train much this week, so she hopes her sickness has brought her weight down.
• Weigh-in: previous weight: 109.1kg; current weight: 105.9; loss: 3.2kg.
• Afterwards: Natalie says she feels great. She tells everyone that she wasn’t able to do much training at all and hasn’t been able to eat much.

• Walking up: Katrina tells us she feels so ill going up there [walking up to the scales], that if she doesn’t get something this week she doesn’t know where she’ll turn.
• Weigh-in: previous weight: 123.5kg; current weight: 120.2kg; loss: 3.3kg.

Blue Team Total Loss:
• 16.4kg
• 2.43%

Shannan tells the Blue Team he is incredibly proud of them, and tells Mary to get her chin up because she is part of this too.

Commando acknowledges to us that the Blue Team did surprisingly well this week and says he’s hoping that his team has done enough in training to keep above that yellow line.

Hayley tells the Black Team that it’s their time to weigh in, noting that they need to lose at least 20.8kg to beat the Blue Team. The 2kg advantage that Kerry won is recorded on the board. Kerry and Toni have immunity so will weigh in first; however if they gain any weight then they will be stripped of their immunity.

• Walking up: Toni tells us she is worried.
• Weigh-in: previous weight: 111.7kg; current weight: 109.8kg; loss: 1.9kg.
• Afterwards: Toni says she is not happy with her result. She feels like she has been doing more in the gym this week than in the past. Commando speculates that the immunity could have affected the way in which Toni trained.

• Weigh-in: previous weight: 124.6kg; current weight: 122kg; loss: 2.6kg.

• Walking up: Call tells us he feels nervous. He knows he’s put in the hard work, but hopes the scales reflect this.
• Weigh-in: previous weight: 120.8kg; current weight: 117.4kg; loss: 3.4kg.

• Weigh-in: previous weight: 109.4kg; current weight: 107kg; loss: 2.4kg.

• Weigh-in: previous weight: 165.6kg; current weight: 161.2kg; loss: 4.4kg.
• Afterwards: Craig says Commando pushed him to his limits this week. He is getting closer to riding BMXs with his nephew, which is what he was thinking the other night when he was riding the stationery bike.

• Walking up: Sharon tells us she is really nervous.
• Weigh-in: previous weight: 99.3kg; current weight: 97.8kg; loss: 1.5kg.
• Afterwards: Sharon is crying. She says it [her result] is okay, but she hates being sad and hates to cry. She wants to be happy and have a great time. She has worked so hard, but seeing that number [result] makes her question, “What am I doing here?” Commando tells us that Sharon is being weighed down mentally; that the effort she put in was not reflected on the scales.

• Walking up: Caitlin tells us she is under so much pressure; her results will be the difference between the Blue Team or Black Team falling below the yellow line.
• Weigh-in: previous weight: 122.2kg; current weight: 118.6kg; loss: 3.6kg.

Black Team Total Loss:
• 21.8kg
• 2.55%

Hayley announces that this takes the Black Team above the yellow line and safe from elimination. Consequently the Blue Team has fallen below the yellow line and are facing elimination.

Hayley tells Caitlin that her 3.6kg loss means that she is The Biggest Loser of the week. Caitlin says this feels great, that she can’t believe it. She is shocked, but happy and excited.

Hayley adds that the Black Team also have Kerry to thank, as without the 2kg advantage he won, they would’ve fallen below the yellow line and would be facing elimination.

Shannan says he is proud of his team, as without the 2kg advantage, his team would have beaten the Black Team.

Town Kitty Update:
• $22,920 has been raised this week.
• $47,010 is the new total.

Hayley tells the Blue Team that they must now choose two people to face elimination, and it will be up to the Black Team to decide who stays and who goes. Shannan tells us that he wants four people willing to fight in the competition and make the most of every moment in the house. Mary says she doesn’t want to stay so is putting herself up. Shannon says she would like one more week but has said will put herself up; in response, Katrina tells Shannon she needs to say, and tells us that as her friend she doesn’t want to see her make that mistake.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We’re in the elimination room, with the Black Team sitting at the table. The doors swing open, and in walk Big Kev and Mary.

Hayley asks Craig how he feels seeing Big Kev and Mary. Craig replies that he is shocked – both have the potential to get the big numbers for the town. Caitlin adds that Big Kev is putting in more time and effort, so will pull bigger numbers.

Big Kev explains that the Blue Team met to decide who should be put up for elimination, where Shannon offered, but when he talked with her she said she wanted to stay, so that was enough for him to put his hat in the ring. Hayley asks whether the fact Big Kev is not from Ararat has been on his mind? Big Kev responds that this is on his mind on all the time, knowing that he is an outsider; however, he believes he needs to be here, that he has proven in the week he’s been here, that he wants to be here. However, he has already had this opportunity [Big Kev participated in the previous series also], and now a second opportunity in coming here, whereas Mary still has a way to go. Others have given Mary chances, and he’s happy to go home to give Mary the opportunity to stay.

Hayley asks Mary how she is feeling about all that is being said about her? Mary responds that she is struggling; she has tried to be more self-motivated and exercise more, but she doesn’t seem to be able to cope in the house. When the trainers are there she can cope; but when they’re not, she falls to pieces. She can’t guarantee to Big Kev that she can give any more than she already is, as she is struggling. She is proud that she has lost 16.6kg in the time she has been in the house, but she thinks she needs to go home and do her best and then return at the finale. Hayley asks Mary if she is able to self-motivate herself? Mary responds that she has support at home, and thinks she is made of sterner stuff than people think. She has done her best in the house, but feels she has let everyone down. She thought she could cope, but she can’t – this isn’t her.

Big Kev is shaking his head, and Hayley asks why. He says he wanted a lot more of a fight from Mary – if she does go home, he hopes she pushes herself to achieve that, but he thinks this is the place for her. He doesn’t think she’ll be able to go home and do this.

Hayley asks Big Kev to make his final plea to the Black Team; he responds that he should stay because he needs to. He is still the heaviest contestant and needs to help the Blue Team to raise money for the town of Ararat.

Hayley then asks Mary to make her final plea to the Black Team; she responds that they should choose to keep someone who really wants to be in the house – that they should vote to keep Big Kev.

Hayley hands over to the Black Team to vote, saying that the first person to receive four votes will be eliminated.

• Craig says this has not been an easy decision to make … Big Kev said he was coming for him the other night, but Mary’s heart is not in it. He votes for Mary.
• Sharon states in the end it was not hard to choose. She votes for Mary.
• Cal says he thinks it’s a once in a lifetime chance and he doesn’t want anyone to waste it. He votes for Mary.
• Toni states that when she saw them both walk in, she thought, does she choose the person who wants to be here, or the person who needs to be here? She chooses Mary.

Hayley then tells us that because four votes have been received for Mary, she is now eliminated. As such, there is no need to see the votes for Kerry, Jane and Caitlin. Kevin will live to fight another day.

Hayley asks Mary how determined she is to follow on with her weight loss outside? Mary responds “100%.” Kerry says he thinks that she will do it, and he would like to see Mary bring the version of herself she wants everyone to see, to the finale. Mary is clearly very appreciative of Kerry’s support. She says her husband will be so proud of her, and will keep her on the straight and narrow. Mary says that if there are any challenges the town need help with, then she’ll happily pitch in to help everyone back here [at the house]. [Little does she know that she’ll be heading straight into Michelle’s secret Red Team – ha!]. Big Kev says he hopes that Mary can continue her weight loss on the outside so she can be successful like he was.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In leaving the house, Mary tells us this has been a great opportunity for her physically and mentally, and she has been challenged every day. She is proud of herself and has got rid of a lot of demons, which will help on her journey. She will remember this as a starting point to going forward and will show them at finale she can do it – there’s no going back now.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Next episode:
Can Michelle turn Mary around?
It’s rewards week at the house, with the champions digging deep to bid for some precious prizes.
The fridge turns the game on its head once again.

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