Recap: My Kitchen Rules 28 May 2014

Tonight we’re off to Mandurah, just outside of Perth, Western Australia, for the final instant restaurant in Round 2 of the competition.

Friends Jess and Felix have been friends for almost 10 years. Felix works in mining, and Jess is an interior designer who reminds us that she bought her first house at 19, has travelled the world twice, and ran a sales team at 23.

Jess says that in the kitchen, she is a self-confessed control freak. Felix adds that they are “chalk and cheese, but when it comes to grub, we totally get each other.”

Jess and Felix have gathered in Felix’s kitchen, where he is eating bacon and eggs while she unpacks her laptop and printer, helpfully printing and highlighting action plans and shopping lists. Jess tells us that she is very driven and organised.

The voiceover man notes that Jess and Felix have raised eyebrows with their culinary confidence. This is an understatement. The other contestants’ comments range from ‘overconfident’ to ‘supercritical and cocky’. They tell us that they are expecting perfection, and food to be up to Pete and Manu’s standard. We are also reminded that Jess suggested she should be one of the judges.

The name of their restaurant is ‘Baroque Haus’. Jess explains that this means European-style 17th/18th century architectural design, with a monochromatic theme (“that’s just black and white”, Felix helpfully informs us).

The guests arrive and, upon entering the room, Harry exclaims “Barbecue House!” J

The contestants are impressed with the presentation of the room. Upon hearing Jess’ explanation of the theme, and how this will translate through the menu tonight, David wonders whether they might be eating goats heads / lambs heads / pigs heads, further contemplating what people actually ate back in the 17th / 18th century. Shannelle thinks she can smell sausage.

Manu and Pete arrive; Manu notices Jess’ big smile and that Felix is looking stressed.

Jess tells us that the timing is very important as they have waited for ages for terrible food at the other instant restaurants. To this end, almost immediately after Pete and Manu have been seated, the entrée is served. This detail is not lost on the other contestants, with Shannelle observing “It really is an instant restaurant – it comes out so fast.” Jess is delighted with the reactions from the other contestants, telling us that they’re well ahead and are going to do so well.

Entrée: Pork Belly Two Ways (Honey-Glazed and Crackling-Topped)
· Jess is smiling, her confidence escalating as she can hear the crunch of Pete and Manu slicing through their pork.
· In sampling the entrée, Pete comments that the pork is undercooked – it needed more time and was rushed out.
· Manu says the crackling is nice, and the sauce wonderful – but they need to make sure the next course is cooked properly – even if that means the guests have to wait an hour.
· The camera zooms in on all the contestants struggling to cut through their meat.
· David says he can’t believe they put up a dish like this, saying it’s inedible.
· Jessica rhetorically asks if the sauce was pea and apple puree, adding she didn’t like it.
· Christo says he expected more.
· A lot of uneaten meals, pink meat slices everywhere, line the table.

Jess and Felix return to the kitchen, with Jess exclaiming that this went way worse than she thought it would.

Manu visits the kitchen and enters into discussion about the cut of duck they are using for their main. Felix starts second-guessing himself, becoming increasingly stressed.

Main: Confit of Duck Cigars with Cherry & Shiraz Sauce and Margaret River Brie
· Walking into the dining room, Jess says she feels confident – in comparing theirs to other mains in the competition, she knows they have done a better job. Jess says that all the guests look at her as if to say it looks so good … she says she is seeing winks and smiles from the other contestants so knows they’re excited to eat the main.
· David tells us the cigar looks like an enchilada.
· In sampling the main, Manu tells Jess and Felix that they have put far too much on the plate – it feels like they have an entrée, main, dessert and glass of wine all on the same plate.
· Pete says nothing on the plate works together. The bottom of the pastry is burnt in spots, raw in others; the sauce is very, very sweet; the rosemary or thyme in the mash is so overpowering that he doesn’t know if it’s sweet potato or pumpkin; and the breast is so overcooked, that without being rude this is the worst dish he’s had in the competition.
· Manu suggests that they are going to have to go back to basics and says he is looking forward to dessert.
· Jessica comments that the meat is tough, dry and overcooked.
· David thinks this is a surprisingly poor dish.
· Bianca tells us that everyone is shocked by the dish as it was expected these two would top the leader board.

Jess looks like she is about to burst into tears and tells us that her heart dropped [when she heard Pete and Manu’s feedback] – she doesn’t know what went wrong as she thought she was a great cook.

Dessert: Mint Slice with Macademia Praline
· In sampling the dessert, Pete says he loved it; that it’s the best dish of the night – simple, uncomplicated, the flavours went together.
· Manu says that the judges often say if something’s not perfect then it shouldn’t be put on the plate … in this case the praline wasn’t perfect – it was essentially nuts – but it worked well with the mint slice.
· Corinne tells us that she’s not sure she would’ve picked mint slice as a dessert, even though she likes it. She thinks the presentation is underwhelming.
· Harry feels it is too much like brushing your teeth and having chocolate afterwards.
· Jessica says the minty, biscuit base is beautiful.
· Thalia comments that it is a simple dessert and she likes the flavours.
· David is disappointed in the presentation, and finds the more he digs down into it, the more the mint is coming through, with nothing to break it up.

Pete invites the contestants into the city for the score reveals and a very big announcement.

Guests’ / Fellow Contestants’ Scores:
· Christo and Harry: 3/10
· Uel and Shannelle: 4/10
· David and Corinne: 3/10
· Bree and Jessica: 6/10
· Thalia and Bianca: 4/10
· Guest Total: 20/50

Before revealing the judges’ scores, Manu asks Jess and Felix whether they feel their three course dinner was better than that Christo and Harry offered. Jess replied they do, and add that Harry and Christo deserve to go home more so than Felix and her. Jess tells us that Harry and Christo do not have the same fire in their bellies as what she and Felix do. Harry and Christo beg to differ, telling us that they have learnt from the experience and want another chance to prove themselves.

Judges’ Scores:
· Entrée – Manu – 4/10
· Main – Manu – 2/10
· Dessert – Manu – 6/10
· Entrée – Pete – 3/10
· Main – Pete – 1/10
· Dessert – Pete – 7/10
· GRAND TOTAL: 43/100

Round 2 Leader Board

· Bree and Jessica: 90/100
· Bianca and Thalia: 85/100
· Shannelle and Uel: 53/100
· Corinne and David: 46/100
· Christo and Harry: 44/100
· Jess and Felix: 43/100

In learning she and Felix are now eliminated, Jess says she is disappointed and has found it a fun ride. She accepts that she is too cocky and wonders if this is maybe what got in the way.

Manu welcomes back the groups from the first round into the room, announcing that the bottom three teams of Chloe and Kelly; David and Corinne; and Harry and Christo; will all be going around the country one more time for what will be an instant restaurant elimination round with the gatecrashers, who suddenly appear and who we are introduced to briefly as:

· Carly and Tresne – Schoolteacher and real estate agent;
· Cathy and Anna – Mother and daughter; and
· Josh and Danielle – Experimental foodies.

Harry observes the gatecrashers don’t look nice, and he does not seem thrilled at the prospect of going around the country with David again.

Next episode:
Instant Restaurant #1 of Round 3 (Gatecrasher Round)

My Kitchen Rules airs on TV2 Monday-Wednesdays inclusive, 7:30pm-8:45pm.

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