Shortland Street Recap (5482 & 5483)

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An hour long episode that takes us across the ditch.

Leanne leaves Murray’s very quickly when she realises he’s not interested in swinging with her. When she gets back to Nicole’s flat, she tells Nicole and Vinnie that the pop-up restaurant is cancelled. This causes no one to show up at the dinner, but with a little help from Vinnie spreading the word around the hospital the pop-up restaurant version of The IV is a success.

Emma and Sam get hot and heavy, causing Honour to act out by stealing Sam’s wedding ring. When Sam discovers his wedding ring is missing, he heads to Vasa’s to ask her advice in handling a teenage daughter with wayward behaviour.

Chris meets up with Grace in Australia. There is a possibility that the baby will have an abnormal chromosome number, and Grace reveals that if this is the case she wants an abortion. However, Chris manages to talk her around. What he doesn’t manage to do is TELL HIS WIFE about the baby. What on Earth is going on? Rachel surprised Chris in Sydney with good news for The Ferndale Project – she will be donating money left in her family trust to fund the project alongside Chris. We’re still left wondering when Chris is going to start telling the truth.


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  • Sparx

    Great recap! True about Chris.

  • Tania

    You forgot to mention – we finally heard about Grace’s twins!!!