Shortland Street star in Sex Tape Scandal

Shortland Street’s Teuila Blakely has confirmed that she is the woman in The Warriors’ Konrad Hurrell’s selfie sex tape after initially insisting it wasn’t her.

“Yeah it was me, but it was a private video between me and Koni and it wasn’t meant to have been leaked.”

Blakely, 39, has been dating the 22-year-old Warriors centre, who is the same age as her son, Jared. But she says the relationship is casual.

“I am not in an exclusive relationship with Koni… We are good friends and are very close.”

Blakely said the selfie video was filmed “about two months ago,” but she cannot explain how it ended up online. She believes Hurrell took the video “for fun” and posted it privately on Snapchat to a friend who leaked it.

“Koni filmed it as a joke, but neither of us knows who uploaded it.

“But I accept what I do in my life, and neither of us are bothered about it. It was a tape between two people who have a lot of fun together. It’s not like I’m Kim Kardashian,” she laughed.

Hurrell’s manager, Amon Ta’akimoeaka, had little to say. “I haven’t spoken to him about it. I’ve got no comment to make.”

However, Warriors CEO Wayne Scurrah confirmed the club is investigating the matter. He had no further comment.

NRL chief operating officer Jim Doyle confirmed today Hurrell was being investigated by the NRL integrity unit, according to the Sydney Morning Herald

While this is not the kind of news the producers of Shortland Street will want to be dealing with, it’s also not the kind of attention the Warriors need right now after their start to the season.

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  • bobscoffee

    I wonder how her son feels about all of this.

    • roger

      If he is a warriors fan, than probably stoked

  • Shannon Ryan

    Who cares? This kind of thing happens every day. They are borderline famous in New Zealand but they aren’t royalty – it must be a slow news day.