Ratings: Further analysis of the Step Dave key demos

After all the hoopla over our Step Dave ratings post, we requested both the 18-39 and 18-49 data from Nielsen as we aren’t supplied this information usually. Here is some analysis based on this data.

Step Dave performed better in the 18-39 key demo with an average 9.2 rating compared to an 8.6 for Go Girls’ final season. In the 18-49 it was an 8.6 for Step Dave compared to a 7.7 for Go Girls.

Red: Step Dave | Blue: Go Girls Season 5

Red: Step Dave | Blue: Go Girls Season 5


Red: Step Dave | Blue: Go Girls Season 5

From this we can gauge a few things. In both key demos, Step Dave had higher peaks and lower lows than Go Girls while the overall rating was marginally higher.

The 18-39 performed 7% better and 12% better in the 18-49 for Step Dave compared to Go Girls. However, the bump that the show enjoyed in the 5+ is not reflected in the key demos.

In the 18-39, the show picked up 15% on the previous week while the 18-49 was up 32%. The total viewership, however, was up 41% on the previous week for the season finale.

The season finale saw 18-39 demo 7% higher than the season average while the 18-49 was up 12%. In the 5+, total viewership was 15% higher for the season finale than the entire season average.

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  • Spartacus

    It’s worth noting the big dip on ep 11 was the night TVNZ programmed another NZ drama (Field Punishment No 1) on TV1 against Step Dave.

    • AW

      These numbers demonstrate my point from yesterday, it performed well with its target audience and justifies a second series, assuming there is sufficient creative material to sustain a further 13 hours. The narrow series construct, compared to Go Girls would raise doubts for me though? Regan?

      • Regan Cunliffe

        Excuse me while I use the 5+ data for a moment (because that’s what I have available) but what needs to be considered is how additional seasons perform over time. Other than Outrageous Fortune that built audience over time, there is generally a drop in audience year on year from season to season.

        The final season of Go Girls was 43% lower than that of the second season and unfortunately for Step Dave, their starting point is only marginally higher than where Go Girls ended. While I’d like to be optimistic and say that Step Dave could deliver the 19% audience increase that Go Girls did in its second season, can we honestly see that happening?

        The only way I see the show getting a second season is for TVNZ to take the show seriously, do some development over the course of the next year to excite audiences about the show and then program it during a time when viewers are more likely to be sitting in front of their TV’s rather than start it in the middle of summer.

        • Citizen Cane

          I wonder if they’ll try a rerun of it later this year to try and gauge interest from people that came in late.

        • Preston

          Regan thanks for putting up the demo ratings info in graph form . Just re: the availability and commercial sensitivity of demographic data – I find that data for all demographics is readily available from nielsen. Anyone with a subscription to their rating point website service is able to access ratings info, and view it in terms of demographics options, where you can see the audience share, rating, all relevant info for each timeslot for each day. This service is open to anyone but I understand the cost may be prohibitive. Just saying the information is there and available for those who do need it and analyze it.

          • Regan Cunliffe

            Very prohibitive… If anyone wants to provide assistance on that then I’m sure everyone would appreciate it…

    • Regan Cunliffe

      Hmm… I missed that. Two NZ On Air funded projects up against each other by the same network? Isn’t that not supposed to happen?

  • Jas

    I see the writers resorted to type and fell back on the pregnancy storyline. Do they have any originality?