TV3 summonsed to court over Banks' footage

There are times when media coverage of events goes a little too far and this time it has landed TV3 in court themselves over what they chose to air from last week’s trial of John Banks.

TV3 news bosses have been summoned to the High Court at Auckland this afternoon to explain why the network aired footage of John Banks appearing to eat something he picked out of his ear during his trial on a charge of filing a false electoral return.

Back in the courtroom the judge told TV3’s reporter in court, Simon Shepherd, he wanted to see the network’s “editor in chief” after the lunch break at 2.15pm.

“I’m considering either suspending or revoking TV3’s right to film these proceedings,” Justice Wylie said.

“I want to know three things. Firstly, when was the footage shot? Secondly, has it been released by TV3 to any other entity which could put it on social media? Thirdly, TV3’s views on whether or not it represents fair and balanced reporting of proceedings.”

Justice Wylie said TV3 was entitled to legal representation during the discussion.

One can only assume based on the footage that it was broadcast for the purpose of ridicule. Where does that fall in regards to media ethics around balance and fairness?

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