David Farrier's Tickle King Kickstarter is almost funded

David Farrier’s documentary The Tickle King, a hunt for the truth in competitive tickling, has been funded!

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Regan is one of the co-founders of Throng Media.
If they're on, I'm usually watching Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, 24, Battlestar Galactica, The X Factor, Survivor, House of Cards, Mad Men and the NRL.
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  • Jane. 0Brien

    Kickstarters 1st visit to America was a smashing success. Much information and video acquired. Big leads and people and places to dig deeper into for this developing story. 2nd Visit is in the planning and according to update….Boston, origin of this story and the deep south to uncover someone who seems to know a lot about all of this. Hold on to your hats, This documentary is going to be what everyone is talking about.

  • Jan e. Brien

    The Tickle king – Farriers Documentary about Jane O’Brien. The videos could be legally tested. Even clothed, the continuous rubbing of male/male gentiles or gentiles/anal is a form of “Dry Humping” or “Grinding” that goes on during every tickle video as one guy sits on top of the other. May not be sexual content by definition. But doesn’t that constitute a form of “Sexual Conduct” ? Any law firms want to tackle this obvious loop hole being overlooked.

  • Mike Cook

    Farrier is awarded for “Best New Pitch” for a Documentary. Then the Documentary is turned into a movie when well known producer Michael Gray backs Farrier and this bizarre investigation as it turns from humor to a serious news story. A recent interview reveals an incredible backstory of events that can only be described as scary. Stay Tuned !!

  • Louismyfriend

    What if they find this Florida person and he does not want to talk to reporters or has only good things to say about Jane O’Brien Media or that they should be left alone. Maybe he is a friend of the owners and only wants to help them clear their name and end this? Maybe he does have inside information, like D’Amato has no part of the Jane O’brien company and that its just a legitimate business? Would not make for much of a documentary then !

  • Mike Cook

    I would say that’s possible “guest”, but not very likely.

  • Mike Cook

    You might be on to a legal loop hole Jan. But it may only apply to certain midwest states who have strange filming restrictions in there state such as WI, KS, OK and MI.