Herald/TV3 love fest all but formal

Earlier today we pondered why the New Zealand Herald were peddling stories for another media outlet. While they seem to be putting TVNZ under increasing scrutiny, Mediaworks seem to be enjoying quite the “free” publicity from them.

Fisher isn’t the only one dishing out the Mediaworks love. Embattled Media Commentator, John Drinnan, who last week gave Radio New Zealand staff an uneasy start to their long weekend with news that up to 15 of them were losing their jobs when in fact they weren’t, was last night fist pumping for Campbell Live.

Drinnan’s Twitter profile includes no disclosure statement as to whether or not his tweets are his own or that of his employers so it wouldn’t be unreasonable to believe that anything he writes is in his official capacity for APN.

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  • fdasfds

    You’re crazy.

    • bc

      John Drinnan is crazy – the tweet above confirms it!