Here's who is filling in for Paul Henry and when


Former Nightline host Bill Ralston returns to TV3 as a guest host of The Paul Henry Show.

Ralston will fill in for Paul Henry on Wednesday 2 July as part of a diverse line up of hosts during Henry’s two-week break.

The other presenters include Radio Live host Ali Mau, The Edge breakfast host Mike Puru and former Christchurch mayor Sir Bob Parker.

The Paul Henry Show executive producer Fiona MacMillan says: “We’re taking this approach because we want to try something different with the show at every opportunity.

“It’s going to be a lot of fun to bring together a group of broadcasters and former broadcasters from very diverse backgrounds. Each of them will bring a different flavour to the show, and our “topical not typical” approach is well and truly preserved while Paul is away.”

Schedule of guest hosts:

Monday 30 June – Rebecca Wright
Tuesday 1 July – Ali Mau
Wednesday 2 July – Bill Ralston
Thursday 3 July – Genevieve Westcott
Friday 4 July– Mike Puru

Monday 7 July – Janet Wilson
Tuesday 8 July – Bob Parker
Wednesday 9 July– Mary Lambie
Thursday 10 July – David Farrier
Friday 11 July – Rebecca Wright

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  • Trevor Ashman

    What about Belinda Todd? 🙂

  • Dave

    I don’t think Belinda Todd lives in New Zealand these days. LA from memory?

  • aaronimpact

    I have never thought much of Bill Ralston. I think I’ll give Wednesdays episode a miss.

  • Tania

    OMG – Genevieve Westcott! She was that rather loud American woman who used to have a current affairs show on 3! What a blast from the past that is. This is a really cool line-up … Bob Parker, Mike Puru (needs his own show, and I don’t mean radio or shopping channel – he was great on Flipside back in the day), Bill Ralston’s wife (Janet Wilson [his first wife was a graphic designer who I used to deal with back in the day – lovely lady]) – it’s definitely worth staying up for all these cool people! 🙂