House Rules Recap Friday June 27

Tonight, the remaining teams return to their renovated homes for a 24-Hour Fix Up challenge.

They have a limited budget and just 24 hours to choose one zone within their home to change. For some couples, the room to change is quite obvious, like Maddi and Lloyd’s hessian master bedroom.
The trick is to ensure they make the best noticeable change and improvement without biting off more than they can chew (since they only have 24 hours). Teams must stay together the whole time.

The House Rules for this challenge are:

  1. Choose just one zone to work on
  2. Impress with a unique vision
  3. Make it reflect your style
  4. Your budget is $5000 ($6000 for Candy and Ryan)
  5. You have just 24 hours

Candy and Ryan: Redoing their entry, family room, and study

  • This was the worst scoring zone in the whole competition.
  • Candy wants to redo the laundry and pantry and make them into two separate rooms. Ryan is worried that it will take too long.
  • Candy and Ryan haven’t even decided on their zone and its about 3 hours in. Come on guys!
  • Ryan does want to do it, but not right now. He thinks it is too much of a risk. Candy gives in, so they agree to do the zone of his choice.
  • Some of the shops they are going to are 2 hours away so they have a lot of driving to do quickly.
  • They bicker on the way to the shops.
  • At the shops they keep arguing. They make some choices and load their gear into the ute, possibly breaking their artwork in the process.
  • Candy and Ryan realise that the artwork glass has cracked. They will try to remove the glass from the frame.
  • Candy and Ryan fight some more, this time over the wallpaper.

Adam and Lisa: Redoing their laundry and guest bedroom

  • They don’t think it suits their style so they are going to make it more minimalistic. They will make the recessed wall larger and replace the wallpaper with 3D paneling.
  • They are also replacing the laundry tiles with something more modern.
  • Adam and Lisa quickly find some bed linen and get going. Adam struggles and hilarity ensues (sarcasm).
  • They also find some mirrored tiles for their laundry.
  • They paint over the stripes, but the stripes are still showing through. They might have to paint 5 coats of paint.
  • The paneled feature wall looks pretty effective to me. But I wonder what the judges will think.

Carole and Russell: Redoing their master bedroom, hallway and laundry

  • Carole wants to replace the bed head with Balinese timber doors and paint the surrounding wood.
  • They will also get rid of the red hallway cupboards!
  • The Balinese timber doors get installed and they look epic.
  • They have brought two chandeliers, but they realise they have pink crystals in them. They will have to take them back tomorrow.
  • Russell is using wall paint to paint over the glass wall panel doors. It doesn’t seem to work so well. He now has to peel it off, resurface and paint it again. Carole is not impressed, yet she does nothing to help.
  • When they head back to pick up new chandeliers, they get given a box of clear crystals and they have to swap them over themselves. That is a long and fiddly job with only hours to go. 

Maddi and Lloyd: Redoing their bedroom, walk-in-robe and back deck

  • Maddi and Lloyd are going to put timber floorboards on the ceiling of the outdoor deck and some down lights and fans to make it more of an outdoor room. That would be very effective.
  • Of course, the hessian and hideous wallpaper will also go.
  • Will they have enough time for such a large zone?
  • The builder is concerned about whether it would be safe electrically. They would need to insulate it, add a gutter, have scaffolds, and then sheet it. That will use their entire budget and more. OH THE DRAMA!
  • After the break, the builder says it will cost about $4500. Maddi is worried that it would mean they would have no money to fix the other zones. With $500 you could paint a ceiling, wallpaper a walk-in-robe and add a few better shelves, surely?
  • Maddi says no. I think she has made the wrong choice.
  • They begin clearing the “potato sacks” from the bedroom.
  • Their Plan B is to paint the beams white, add some lights and hang an upside-down wall garden. Maddi isn’t sure. Neither am I.
  • They go with a plan C, making a part of the deck into a chill out zone, with a hanging chair and some garden stuff.
  • They have to use two different types of wallpaper in the walk in robe, so hopefully the judges think they did it on purpose. Unfortunately, they didn’t think to buy any wallpaper glue. They spend their evening ripping off the wallpaper from the walk in robe.
  • Maddi and Lloyd are painting all through the night. The problem is, they have a major bug problem! The bugs are attracted to the light.

Bomber and Mel: Kitchen and dining room

  • They want a bigger, rustic table.
  • They are going to relocate the original dining table into Kaitlin’s room to use as a desk. Smart thinking. They need to get it cut down to fit the bedroom.
  • I am so glad that the hideous splash back will be getting ripped out.
  • They are going to put tiles where the splash back was, and add rustic shelves to the kitchen wall.
  • Unfortunately the builder thinks that removing the splash back will damage the wall behind it. If they do this zone but don’t change the splash back, they might as well stay home, because they wont be going any further in this competition.
  • Bomber’s solution is to tile over the glass splash back. Plan B gets the go ahead from the tiler.
  • Mel is very picky about the splash back. She says no to a lot of good options. She is getting stroppy. I am getting a bit over these two. I hope they go home.
  • In the end they choose some blue tiles. The new splash back looks much better. You could have thrown mud on the wall and it would have looked better than their old one.
  • They find an old piece of wood to use for their rustic shelves.
  • Bomber spends the evening painting in the kitchen.


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  • Tania

    I felt sorry for Maddi and Lloyd, painting in that heat and with all the bugs … yuck.