House Rules Recap Sunday June 29

Tonight we find out the results of the 24-hour challenge, and one team heads home.

The House Rules for this challenge are:

  1. Choose just one zone to work on
  2. Impress with a unique vision
  3. Make it reflect your style
  4. Your budget is $5000 ($6000 for Candy and Ryan)
  5. You have just 24 hours. 

Wendy says, in the preview, that it doesn’t look like one couple did anything to change their zone. I am not sure who that would be; all couples seem to be doing quite a lot. It could easily be a trick of editing. 


Candy and Ryan: Redoing their entry, family room, and study

  • Wendy and Joe: In the entry the judges are impressed. Wendy loves that it doesn’t have any glass on it! Hilarious, since they broke it. In the study, they are disappointed. All they did was complete the room. Wendy thinks they should have changed the curtains and cushions at least. In the family room the judges are impressed. Wendy thinks it is a unique vision. Joe likes the wallpaper and Wendy likes the use of colour.
  • I think the art in the entry is better than the original choice. As per usual Candy and Ryan leave one room as an afterthought. In this case, it was the study, which they pretty much ignored. I love the bright colours in the family room. It wouldn’t be to everyone’s taste, but it is Candy and Ryan’s style.

Adam and Lisa: Redoing their laundry and guest bedroom

  • Wendy and Joe: Wendy and Joe wonder if it was enough of a change in the laundry and whether it was necessary. In the hallway, Joe thinks the art is a bit drab. I think he is a bit drab. They are much more positive about the guest bedroom. They like the down lights that emphasize the textured waves. Wendy is concerned over whether they chose the right zone to redo. Joe agrees. Perhaps they should have redone the dining room with the bottle top wallpaper?
  • I think the hallway looks much better, the tiles in the laundry are much better and I think the guest bedroom now looks great! The textured bed head are really interesting. I like the hallway painting, even if the judges don’t.

Carole and Russell: Redoing their master bedroom, hallway and laundry

  • Wendy and Joe think the new white cupboards look great, but they don’t have a good finish. They love the master bedroom. Joe thinks it is a big change and that it has a unique vision. Wendy thought the chandeliers should have hung lower.
  • I really like the new master bedroom. The new bed head is awesome. I am also glad that the red doors in the hallway are gone.

Maddi and Lloyd: Redoing their bedroom, walk-in-robe and back deck

  • Wendy and Joe find the bedroom very serene. They like that they have painted the walls white. Wendy is so glad that the wallpaper was changed, but the finishing of it was disappointing. Wendy thinks that the outdoor living space is so much better. Joe thinks that they have made good decisions on the deck.
  • I think that the master bedroom looks much better without the hessian – go figure. The new wallpaper is a big improvement, and the deck is a big improvement.

Bomber and Mel: Kitchen, dining room and Kaitlin’s room

  • Wendy and Joe think the table is a perfect size for the space. They think it fits with the space. They don’t think the curtains are suitable though. The kitchen tile underwhelms Wendy, and Joe thinks it is more of a bathroom tile. Wendy and Joe are concerned that the engine table doesn’t suit Kaitlin’s room.
  • I like the big table in the dining room and, of course, the new tiles in the kitchen. I think the shelves added more junk shop chic to their zone. I think maybe they could have done more? It is also random that they have 5 chairs in Kaitlin’s room.

My prediction is…BYE BYE BOMBER AND MEL.


Candy and Ryan:

Joe: 7/10

Wendy: 8/10

Total Score: 15/20

Maddi and Lloyd:

Joe: 8/10

Wendy: 7/10

Total Score: 15/20

Carole and Russell:

Joe: 7/10

Wendy: 7/10

Total Score: 14/10

Adam and Lisa:

Joe: 6/10

Wendy: 6/10

Total Score: 12/20

Bomber and Mel:

Joe: 5/10

Wendy: 5/10

Total Score: 10/20

Farewell Bomber and Mel.

Combined Totals:

Candy and Ryan: 34

Carole and Russell: 28

Maddi and Lloyd: 27

Adam and Lisa: 27

Bomber and Mel: 18

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About the author

  • Tania

    Wendy was referring to Candy’s and Ryan’s study in that preview piece.

    I’m pleased Bomber and Mel have gone as he did not cope well with the stress and I felt frazzled just watching him. Not sure what Mel meant by when she shouted “Choose your own tiles for your house then” when they had a(nother) fight. Someone mentioned she had a black eye but I didn’t see it. I hope not. But I hope he can chillax now it’s over for them.

    Maddi and Lloyd annoy me now. They were quick to criticise Brooke and Grant’s work on their house, but they certainly hung the wallpaper a lot better than Maddi and Lloyd did. As for painting over bugs – yuck; who even does that?!

    Ryan must’ve been so cross – the rug they ended up getting was the one that he wanted to get in the first place but Candy said was too small. I don’t like what they did with their lounge at all … it’s very “loud”.

    Russell is such a dick – not only for hanging the dryer wrong in the first place, but surely there was a label inside the box his dryer came in, specifically to use if the dryer was being hung on the wall? They all come with them! Wendy was wrong (again) when she commented the lights should have been hung lower – I’ve seen that done before, but it’s a straight-out hazzard. Higher is better, and the electrician should know.

    Joe was unfair in his criticism of Lisa and Adam’s laundry – it looked fantastic and the inclusion of the cupboards was excellent.

    • roger

      Hard to fault there Tania, I agree with it all. Do you have a favourite team?

      • Tania

        Thanks roger 🙂

        I like Adam and Lisa the most … I hope they do win, but I honestly think Carole and Russell will (not only because their mortgage is of lesser value but because they seem to be given more air time, much was the case with Leighton and Carly last year).

        I see in this week’s (Aussie) New Idea, they’re fighting back the claims that Woman’s Day made last week … hmmm, this from a magazine that also has an angry-looking Duchess Kate on the cover, who has allegedly had words with Camilla. Anyhoo, it turns out the pregnant couple is Gemma and Ben from last year, not Lisa and Adam from this year, as rumours were suggesting.