House Rules Recap Thursday June 26

Welcome back to House Rules. Tonight we find out the homeowner and judge reactions to the four-day renovations. There are definitely some apartments that seem better than others.

Candy and Ryan’s apartment:

Judges thoughts: They think it is colourful, modern and well designed. Joe likes the rug choice and Wendy thinks the bee wallpaper is perfect for the brief. Wendy thinks they have made smart choices with the chairs and table in the dining room. Joe loves the orange tiled splash back and the extra bench space that they gave them. Both judges love the bathroom. The judges think the bedroom fits the brief well. Wendy loves the colour choices in the room. She thinks this is their best work in the competition so far.

My thoughts: The lounge room looks awesome. I am amazing by the stunning change. The pops of colour are very effective, and the space looks a lot bigger.   I think the floating shelf in the dining room area is a bit random but the chairs and table are great for the space. While not a fan of orange, the splash back really works. The kitchen is really impressive overall.   The bathroom is great, with excellent utilities and a bright red feature wall. It makes great use of a tiny space. Candy and Ryan have stepped it up this week!

Maddi and Lloyd’s apartment:

Judges thoughts: Wendy thinks the living space has a lot of colour, while Joe says it feels relaxed. Wendy thinks the curtains aren’t generous enough, and they are also too short.   They are torn because it isn’t rustic Italian, but they do like it.   The big crucifix is met with some concern by the judges. Wendy thinks the dining room has a lovely feel, and is more in keeping with a rustic Italian feel. She does point out that the style clashes with the modern style of the lounge. Joe and Wendy both like the herb garden. The judges notice a space in the kitchen where they could have added an extra cupboard. Wendy thinks that the aqua in the bedroom is a bit overpowering, and that they should have spent more time on the window fittings. The judges notice that there are some big issues with the painting of the tiles in the bathroom. Wendy loves the mirror in the master bedroom. The judges conclude that they have made some smart design choices, but they have failed to meet the brief of rustic Italian.

My thoughts: The lounge is nice. There is a lot of white space, which you probably need in a small space, but it is not very rustic or Italian. It is a lot better than her old apartment though. I am not sure what they thought they were achieving with the giant crucifix.   It is like they decided to do a modern living space and a rustic Italian dining space. Neither are bad spaces, but they don’t mesh well. The splash back is what she asked for, but it isn’t finished well. I like spare bedroom, but it does look like they just decided to paint the wall and put a new bedspread on. The bathroom is a bit of a let down. They have tried to improve it, but the paintwork of the tiles is shoddy. The master bedroom looks nice, simple, but nice. It is clear that Maddi and Lloyd have really struggled with the brief this week. It is an improvement on the existing apartment, but it isn’t rustic Italian by any stretch of the imagination.

Bomber and Mel’s apartment:

Judges thoughts: Joe and Wendy think the mountain feature wall is nice, but that the rest of the furniture is too dark for a light-and-bright family area. Joe calls it a depressing lounge. Wendy calls it the worst room so far. Joe thinks they should have moved the kitchen bench out so that there was more space inside the kitchen. Wendy thinks they needed a shelf for the microwave so it wasn’t wasting space. The judges notice that they didn’t finish the tiling. Joe thinks they toilet seat is horrible. The judges think they created a nice bathroom, but didn’t consider the underwater theme. Joe doesn’t think that they should have painted the walls black, or chose such an old-fashioned red leather couch. Wendy thinks it doesn’t feel like a little kids room. In the master bedroom, Wendy likes the bed linen, but not the blue cushions. Joe thinks the sky blue should have been more fresh and light.   Overall the judges are not impressed.

My thoughts: I agree with the judges that the furniture in the lounge is too dark, especially the couches. Even the rug has a lot of dark colours. The kitchen is very small, but it’s a small apartment, so fair enough. The seashell toilet is ridiculous. I think they should be automatically voted off immediately for that. I can’t comment any more on this zone after seeing that toilet seat. Clearly they want to go home because that apartment was a joke.

Carole and Russell’s apartment:

Judges thoughts: Wendy points out that in the lounge, it is a nice couch, but it is not what was asked for. Joe thinks the commercial shelving is too cold. Joe thinks the rug is too small and Wendy wonders where the coffee table is. Joe thinks the sideboard is nice in the dining room. Wendy likes the tile in the kitchen and Joe likes the extended counter. The tiles in the bathroom get the tick of approval from the judges. Wendy thinks the resurfacing of the tiles is a smart move. Wendy is glad that the wardrobe is a new feature in the master bedroom, but both judges agree that the shelves were too big and too warehouse-esque.   Overall, the judges think that Carole and Russell have some smart ideas, but they didn’t listen enough to the apartment owners.

My thoughts: In the lounge, they gave them a new couch, but it’s not a fold out couch like they asked for. I hope the owners take it back and swap it for something they actually want. I don’t think the shelves work in the space at all.- perhaps in an office. I can see what they were trying to do, but no. The dining room is fine, nothing much to report. The kitchen looks nice and it was a smart move to extend the bench. After seeing the completely new bathrooms, the resigned ones just aren’t as exciting. They did well to repaint the tiles in the bathroom though. I can see they have gone for a tropical theme in the bedroom, but I don’t like it. I think the bedspread is horrible. They should have had a white bedspread with some colourful cushions instead.   The child’s bedroom is underwhelming. This has not been a good week for Carole and Russell – they wont be on top of the leader board anymore. Their brief was tropical resort. They should have gone for the same kind of feel of Maddi and Lloyd’s home renovation. Easy.

Adam and Lisa’s apartment:

Judges thoughts: The judges are not loving the random study area, which clashes with the rest of the vibe in the lounge. They do like the furniture and colour choices of the rest of the room. The judges like the kitchen, especially the sage splash back. Wendy thinks that baskets or a display could have been used in the empty space above the kitchen cabinets. The judges think the master bedroom is a nice, clean romantic zone with some good space solutions. Wendy thinks the space is empty in the nursery, but that they have done quite well overall.

My thoughts: The living room is quite bare and clean, but the colour scheme works well. The study area is random. They could have designed that in a more creative, less obtrusive way. I like the dining room, but I hope the judges realise that the table folds out to a larger size.   The kitchen area is really effective, but there is still wasted space above the kitchen cabinets. The master bedroom is simple and clean, but effective. I think it is a good idea to use the shower as a bath also. The nursery is a cool space, and the town wall art is epic! I think that this is a pretty good apartment, overall.

In case you are wondering, no couples want to go home, as we find out as they tell us over and over and over.

My prediction:

1st: Candy and Ryan

2nd: Adam and Lisa

3rd: Carole and Russell

4th: Maddi and Lloyd

100th: Bomber and Mel (I will have nightmares about that toilet seat for weeks)

Judges Scores:

Candy and Ryan:

  • Joe: 9/10
  • Wendy: 10/10
  • Total score: 19/20

Adam and Lisa:

  • Joe: 7/10
  • Wendy: 8/10
  • Total score: 15/20

Carole and Russell:

  • Joe: 7/10
  • Wendy: 7/10
  • Total score: 14/20

Maddi and Lloyd:

  • Joe: 6/10
  • Wendy: 6/10
  • Total score: 12/20

Bomber and Mel:

  • Joe: 4/10
  • Wendy: 4/10
  • Total score: 8/20

Well those are some low scores for Bomber and Mel. Less than half of Candy and Ryan’s score!

Candy and Ryan get a $1000 cash bonus to take into the next renovation.

To survive in the competition, Bomber and Mel will have to get perfect scores and hope that Maddi and Lloyd bomb out completely in the next challenge.

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  • Tania

    Hahahahaha – 100th! for Mel and Bomber! I laugh at your recaps Roger – they’re very witty. Gosh, that Wendy is such an old dragon to give them 4 – it wasn’t THAT bad. And Joe is like her little lap dog, just going along with what she says. The toilet seat was awful, but even worse was when they lifted it and the bowl was dirty – ewwwww!

    Candy and Ryan are definitely getting better and better … even though she hates being around him, poor thing … I wonder if she dumped him because of his lame jokes / pranks / generally annoying behaviour. Their renovation was amazing. I loved the bathroom, especially.

    I was really disappointed with Maddi and Lloyd in this round – they normally do very well in their renovations and I thought if they didn’t understand something, they’d research it … which they clearly didn’t, this time. The annoying designer woman rang them far too late in the piece about the window treatments and just added to their stress.

  • Tania

    More hoopla surrounding the show has come out today.

    I’ll give you a clue: How long have Russell and Carole been together? Who is “David”.

    LOL – they should rename it House Clues … as the weeks go by, guess what the scandal will be.

    • Sam

      I don’t think everything that is coming out is true. I mean come on, do you really trust Woman’s Day ect?

      • Tania

        Woman’s Day hired an investigator to dig up dirt on the show and he exceeded expectations. Don’t just look to them as the source though – others have done digging post-the article coming out and there’s a whole raft of information coming out now.

    • roger

      Who is David?

      • Tania

        Allegedly … Carole and Russell married in 2001. It didn’t last, so she took up with a guy named David – but never divorced from Russell. Then she got back with Russell but didn’t tell David. The whole thing is just so strange with her because now people are saying that the house on the show is for one of her kids, not her and Russell (because they live in that waterfront home that’s on the market [but if that’s the case, where does she live when she’s with David?). When Carole was asked how long she’s been married to Russell for on an Australian radio shows, she couldn’t answer. There are a few testimonials on the ‘net from Carole, where she shares the same surname as Russell, but they’re written by her and “David”. Who knows … I’ve lost interest in it now as they’ll probably win and that’ll just show that this programme is as fake as My Kitchen Rules.