Let's clarify something, shall we

Continuing his legacy of making stuff up, the New Zealand Herald’s John Drinnan has stated this morning that Throng hates Campbell Live.

I can only assume that he’s reached this conclusion due to a failing long term memory.

Each week, we discuss the 7pm ratings between Seven Sharp and Campbell Live. Despite the atrocious ratings in 2013, TV One’s current affairs program has improved greatly in the ratings while TV3 have returned to pre-2013 levels. With all the positive talk about Seven Sharp, Drinnan seems to believe that presentation of the raw numbers means we have a bias.

A decent journalist would perhaps have done some research to see if, in fact, we also published positive stories about John Campbell and his team. Since he’s clearly too lazy to do so, here John: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

The reality is this. I wish that TV3 were more competitive in the ratings. 2013 was an excellent year because for the first time in Campbell Live’s history, they were competitive with TV One.

I wish that the separation between TV3 and TV One was closer and it frustrates me, although probably not as much as it does Mediaworks, that audiences still choose TVNZ over them. If you switched any show from TV3 to TV One, for some reason it will rate higher. The fact that Campbell Live gained momentum in 2013 was really significant. The fact that it has not retained or built that audience in 2014 is disappointing.

I have a lot of respect for much of the work that Campbell Live and his team does. They work tirelessly and still get beat up by the ratings. I want them to succeed and take the fight to TVNZ to make it interesting. But it is just not happening.

Telling that story does not mean we hate Campbell Live.

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  • NapierinFrame

    Um – All 5 examples you give are from last year, when every man and their muppet recognized what a farce TVNZ’s “News & Current Affairs Department” were producing at 7pm and accordingly switched over or off.

    But now that yet another new format has been introduced and “Uncle Mike” ends every program with what we’re supposed to think, it’s been:

    “How Bad is it at 7pm for Campbell Live”

    “Campbell Live Suffers Massive Year on Year Drop as Seven Sharp Sets New Record”

    “Further Gains for Seven Sharp”

    “TV One Grows while TV3 blows”

    And Mr. Drinnan, who is allowed, as we all are, to have an opinion and is indeed PAID to express his, dare express it:
    “Herald/TV3 love fest all but formal”

    Why all the negativity?

    Because TV3’s ratings are not, and have never been, as good as TVNZ’s.

    Have you ever stopped to wonder or investigate why there has been such a huge and constant difference / anomaly in these figures?

    No, they are just taken as gospel (except by some of you more open-minded commenters who get quickly shot down).

    If you indeed “have a lot of respect for much of the work that Campbell Live and his team does.” You would focus far more on the CONTENT (as mainstream media reviewers – painting a far different picture to the tale you tell) of the 7pm shows and not ratings based on a mere 500 “Peoplemeters” out of a nation with over two million televisions.

    • Regan Cunliffe

      On one hand you don’t like the ratings system and then you want to refer to them to back up your own argument.

      Please don’t suggest I haven’t given any thought to ratings.

      I suggest you go and do some research on the ratings system, particularly sample sizes.

      • TK

        If you’re so keen on the ratings system, perhaps you should research how the networks use it? Hint: It’s not 5+.

        Even I know that one, and I’m an idiot.

    • Dave

      I don’t see the coverage as deliberately negative. Throng’s stories are generally focussed on the ratings, and don’t pretend to analyse the relative merits of the different shows. Your final “lesson” to Throng is poorly researched… the AGB Nielsen system was increased to 600 Peoplemeter households a few years ago (approximately 1,500 people), with a panel that is constantly balanced to ensure it meets a diverse statistical sample.

  • K

    I don’t see any bias, facts yes..just like last year when Seven Sharp was failing miserably and Regan reported as objectively then as he is now

  • Tania

    I wonder what John Drinnan has to say about his fellow columnist Colin Hogg’s sexist “reviews” of television.

    Incidentally, I must say – I was impressed that Sam Hayes was not in Woman’s Day 25 most – can’t remember exactly what they called them – (read: people who’ve actually agreed to appear in our stupid magazine where most of the content is made up), profiled on this week’s cover. She seems to have more respect than to sell her life stories to lame magazines, unlike some of her counterparts, which is refreshing.

    • Tania

      (I brought up Sam Hayes in that comment as I was thinking back to Colin Hogg’s review of 3rd Degree, where he talked more about the yellow dress that Sam was wearing than the show itself).

  • Mark Wasley

    I posted that article on the Seven Sharp hats as I thought it was interesting, fun and something that Throng.co.nz readers would enjoy. I can definitely vouch that Throng.co.nz provides a balance of articles about Seven Sharp and Campbell Live. Campbell Live’s Facebook page doesn’t have any photos of John Campbell doing something interesting and fun, over the last week. I did see that last week though, him and Tim Shadbolt discussed Cheese Rolls… should I upload a link to this video?