Mark Sainsbury joins Radio Live

mark-sainsburyMark Sainsbury has officially joined the MediaWorks family, starting off with a radio show.

Mark Sainsbury has signed with RadioLIVE to host Sunday Mornings with Mark Sainsbury (6am-11am).

Sunday Mornings with Mark Sainsbury takes a look back at the major news events of the week, previews the week ahead and interviews a diverse range of engaging subjects. The 9am Soundtrack to Your Life feature takes an in-depth look at the lives and musical influences of well-known New Zealanders with Winston Peters in the hot seat this weekend.

Mark Sainsbury says: “There’s probably nothing I hate more than having to get up early on a Sunday morning – but even I think it’s worth it to catch the exciting mix of contributors to RadioLIVE, whether it’s dealing with financial infidelity or the music that shapes people’s lives.

“Given the line-up RadioLIVE already boasts, there is nowhere that’s a better fit for me than joining the accomplished and opinionated team that changes the way we listen to radio.”

Jana Rangooni, General Manager – Talk Brands for MediaWorks Radio says: “Mark has been filling in on the Sunday morning slot since the departure of Wallace Chapman in March, and his personality and experience as a broadcaster are real assets to the station.

“I’m delighted to have secured him to join our incredibly talented line up of broadcasters.”

Mark Sainsbury is one of New Zealand’s most experienced journalists. He hosted daily current affairs programme Close Up for six years, and is a former foreign correspondent and political editor for One News. The award-winning presenter has interviewed world figures from every spectrum including every New Zealand Prime Minister and opposition leader since Rob Muldoon. His passion for classic cars and bikes, food and wine are well known.

With yet another TVNZ current affairs personality on the team, how long before he ends up presenting something or at least filling in?

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  • Tania

    This is great news, and good on Mediaworks for snapping him up. He’s a nice guy – it’s shocking how badly TVNZ treated him. I hope he does end up on TV3 … I hope they use Ali Mau on TV3 too … together, even!

    • K

      I hope they do too! Ali Mau is wasted on the radio I reckon…actually she would be quite good with Campbell if they were still looking for a cohost on CL

      • Tania

        I agree about her being wasted on radio … maybe I’d feel differently if she had her own show, rather than being Willy’s sidekick. She’d go great with JC … it would ruffle feathers though.

    • Andy

      Mediaworks grab anyone that has worked at TVNZ because they need the talent. although TV3 do have Hilary Barry.

  • Shocky Muraco

    Would be great for Sainsbury and Ali Mau to Campbell Live and the Paul Henry Show. Alison Mau has a face for TV 🙂

  • Andrew

    HAHA TV3 are probably thinking that. you can never hear Ali on the radio willy is always talking over her. I don’t think putting two Ex TVNZ hosts on at 7PM on 3 is a good idea it just screams despite. TV3 need to work something out but that’s not it. 7pm on three needs to be a mix of Close Up and Campbell live hard current affairs of what has happened in NZ that day.